Friday, 11 November 2011

Quintessence of China Could Also be Enchanting

In most people's impression Chinese culture is very mysterious and conservative. Here is another form of representation of Chinese art. It may be completely opposite. The pictures are the annotation of enchanting, charming, open or even sexy. It is absolutely a feast to your eyes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

High Strung Katy Perry's modelling show

Katy Perry is always one of our favorite superstar,her exaggerate modelling is always very attractive,you may think of Lady Gaga.Her dress style and her statements and actions,you will never guess!

This fruit dress is full of different fruit decoration,you can't don't love it.

A tailor-made sexy dance dress of Victoria's Secret makes her chest more hot.

The tight russel blue dress with coconut tree and sunglasses,bring us to the romantic Hawaii.

Bright color mini skirt and red white boots,makes Katy Perry more lovely.

Katy Perry dressed as a fashion snowman,wear a colorful scarf,just like a doll,so cute.

A dress of Flag of the United States design fully show her respect to the States.

Costly sailor show

Cheongsam ,paper umbrella,elegance chinoiserie.

Wow,do you think she's a lovely Smurfette.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The crazy Barbie doll fans,the real live barbie!!!!

Today i bring you several pictures about the vivid live barbie dolls,let's enjoy it .

What a crazy Barbie doll fans,she had a face-lifting and make herself just look like a barbie doll.Look at the hair,bust,and skin color,do you think she's a vivid barbie?

If you find such a live barbie in the centre of the store,what will you do?

Light golden hair and wheat color skin is really very sexy,the elegant make up is the key point.

Delicate eye makeup look,tender white face,bright lipstick is so attractive.

Wow, this movement is really like a barbie doll,do you think so ?

Large Breast is full of tempt and sexy .

I really like this one ,purity and fresh ,what's more,give me a feeling to own it.I want have a such barbie doll ,hahahaha,do you ?