Friday, 20 July 2012 reviews: black lace dress, black wedges

In the hot summer, black lace long sleeves dress, you can wear it to take part in the evening party. This outfit shows elegant feeling,  it is very sexy.

And the Fashion Hot Sale V Patterned Wedges, is very cool.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What to Wear in the Hot Summer

In the hot summer, beauties are worried about what to wear. Maybe wearing a short T-shirt, you will feel very cool, but a simple white T-shirt is not that fashion. A Stylish Pattern Stripe Jumpsuit, is very vivid, you will look very lively.

Special Collar Decorate Short Sleeve Chiffon T-shirt, the yellow color is very bright, I like this kind of candy color in the summer. Girls prefer this kind of color, because such color makes us happy.

Vogue Peacock Hollow Out Collar Blouse. This kind of blouse is very fashion, the peacock hollow out collar design is very beautiful.

Korean Style Individual Cape Vest Dress, it's really very fashion.

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