Friday, 26 August 2011

Fashionable girls wearing T-stage fashion into life

For many people,T-stage presentation is just a program played in the subway station or TV.Do you think it is far from you ?Actually,each season's trend elements,main styles have permeate our life silently.So i think we should learn something from the T-stage and showing out the trend in our daily life.
First we should know the hot style in the season,and the styles various because of the world events and economic influence.In this year, retro current is the main trend,including hippy style,countryside style.

Retro ocean trend:Ocean stands for freedom and brave,artistic female youth all like to dress up sailor style clothes to show their life attitude.Dior combines the sailor uniform and exotic island glamour, together. creating the fresh tropical feeling.

1970s hippies style:The hippies eased the radical style, with another kind of treason, casual unruly. PUCCI neuter stylish rider with the zebra grain head scarves showing the typical hippie image.

Countryside style:Many brands absorb inspiration from the nature,D&G use rose and check showing vivid and lively.

Unisexual Style: Spring and autumn women's dress of Salvatore Ferragamo really showing Gesund and handsome,simply clipping and neutral color,not only showing elegance andtemperament ,but also presenting the Unisexual fashion trend.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

3 Tips for Selecting A Suitable Wedding Dress

Hi, everyone, I think all of you know that kate princess have married to William prince, do you like the wedding dress she wear in her wedding?

Today i will tell you some tips about how to select a suitable wedding dress.

1. The selecting of wedding dress design

In the moment of happiest in your whole life, everyone wants to show her beauty and keep it forever, however, how to select a suitable wedding dress, it is a common problem to many brides. If you want to select a good wedding dress, the most important factor is the style of the wedding dress, whether it can fit your figure very well or not, whether it can show your character and personality or not.

2. The selecting of wedding dress color

The bride need to wear white wedding dress, white veil, matching white shoes, this custom comes from the times of Queen Victoria. White stands for happy, holy and loyal, so the woman who married again cant wear white wedding dress, therefore, wedding dress is so popular and become many people’s favorite from all over the world.

But now, the color of wedding dress is not only white, but also other colors, such as ivory, botticino, red, pink, yellow and so on. People like the wedding dress dotted with other colors.

3. Other factors

If you want to buy a cheap wedding dress, online shop is a good source, the wedding dress sells online is more cheaper than same dress sells on the store. Now many online shop provide custom size, you can tell them your own size, then the wedding dress will be made in your size, of course, it will fit your figure.

But as far as I know, making wedding dress need a long time, if you buy it from website which is not in your country, then delivery will spends some days, too. So you’d better make order two month

before your wedding ceremony. Early is better than late.

Wedding is the most important time in our whole life, I hope every female can show her beauty in the wedding.

Follow the trend ,show your sexy shoulders

In the trend age,we shouldn't keep in the old stuffs ?Do you want to try off shoulder clothes?And how to dress up the off shoulder garments well ?Today i'd like to share several nice off shoulder dress and T-shirts with you,learn some useful tips from the models,come on!

White irregular sweep off shoulder T-shirt ,makes you be a sexy curly sue immediately.

Hollow out design off shoulder smock is pretty sexy,you can match with a gallus.

Overlay wearing is very popular in the early autumn,if you change the gallus to the mesh off shoulder dress,it can be the good outfits go to the pubs for you.

Grey and black is always classic and never fade ,show you nice shoulder,show your elegance.

Short design can makes you looking more taller,especial match with the short pants. Off shoulder design adding points for the T-shirt.

Withe T-shirt and blue long dress is in such pure and fresh style,do you think it has a feel of fashion?

Stripe design is always warmly welcomed ,black and white striped blouse tie-in irregular chiffon dress ,wow,really nice.

Off shoulder dress still suit in sports style,showing your sunshine,showing your sports spirit.

Korean model Jenny tell you how to dress up in early autumn

Summer will be passing by,and what would be the best joker in such weather?Knitwear ,shirt or weskit ?All these items can match with pencil pants and short pants.Now,let's enjoy Jenny how to use such items showing her different styles.

Jeans shirt ,pencil pants and engine boots,such collocation makes a woman cool and graceful.

Vertical striped shirt ,short pants and engine boots showing the unique fashion in this autumn.

A joker knitwear, short pants and engine high heel boots ,not only looks thin but also very individual.

White chiffon shirt matches with pure blue jeans ,do these give you a pure and fresh feeling?

Nude knitwear and nude short boots,such items really can show your temperament.

Grid shirt is always popular,right?So just adding one to your wardrobe .You can match with the pure color slim pants like Jenny or any other color harem pants.

The dress in fleeces design,and the hair band,sport shoes,all of these showing a style called leisure fashion,just have a try .Do you like such style ?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fishtail skirt deduce fairy tale romance ,which one do you like best

Every girl all longing the romantic fairy tail world,superstar also without exception.So the fishtail skirts are very popular among stars. Now let's enjoy the different kinds of fishtail skirts,and select out which one is your favourite?

Kim Kardashian's fishtail skirt showing her exquisite curve well,the design of high waistline matching with the metallic belt makeing the tail more longer.Besides,the V collar can show the fullness breast.

Talulah Riley wearing a wine red bud silk dress. Countless bud silk flower pattern above, delicate and exquisite. In the near edge of the chest, the bud silk design is very sexy and exquisite.

The bright color T form design of Kendra Wilkinson's dress contrasts with the light color montage parts, makes the dress presenting third dimension.Bright color ending in the knee,highlighted the elegant tail.

Rose McGowan's charming and flashy dress is really attractive.The dress is decorated by dense paillettes,the color gradual changes from blue to green.Under the lights,is bright like starlight.

Jade Olivia's white off-shoulder dress is just like the bride formal dress.The white color has a nice light sensation ,and the design of the tail is special. Flowers decorated fishtail is beautiful and noble.

Jennifer Lopez's green fishtail skirt is in refined design,big tail and the exquisite tail is the point.Irregular hollow in the waist separate the connect part in the middle.Special design of the right sleeve is really charming,showing her sexy skin out.

Charlotte Ross complex and heavy design adding more temperament.tight design of the sleeve and the block up shoulders showing solemn and dignified.colorful decorative pattern compose many artistic effects of geometric patterns .

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Elegant long skirt,color your world

Do you like long skirt with bright and colorful candy colors?it's really elegant and graceful,not only very suitable for shopping wear,but also nice for beach vocation.The long skirt can well so your tall figure,makes you more sunshine outside.

White dots make the skirt not dull,and give us a feeing of pure and fresh.

The bright green is so nature,i can't help having it!Fresh nationality style,pure colour ,matching with a white T-shirt is so casual and delighted.

This long sunflower skirt is montage clipped,lovely lace is grace and delicate.The waist is the reasonable design,run of the waistline.

Orange color is bright and vivid,is very suitable for this summer.Irregular design,medium style,really can hide your leg shortcomings.

Do you like this silk quality long pink skirt ?does it very attractive?Adding one long skirt to your wardrobe,showing out your elegant and sexy.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Early autumn knitwear,showing thin and temperament

A delicate appearance woman is attractive in anywhere, be graceful and have confidence in yourself.developing your feminine flavour.

Shivering vest with yellowish brown shorts,dark blue knitwear matches well.The slugged bottom
platform shoes is really nice,do you want to get one?

Yellow,white,and black are in good harmonize,Batwing design,loose and comfortable.

Unique and special design knitwear with a red big heart,irregular cuff,really a nice knit overall.

Black hollow out loose knitwear,what's your first feeling about this nice garment?Beautiful and sexy,right?Matching with a tight pencil pants is really charming and graceful.

Warm color give us a sweet feeling ,like the sunshine light up our and white striped batwing sleeve knitwear,pure and fresh!

Hollow out pink knitwear showing your sweet and purity,gleamingly feeling is really attractive and capture the imagination.