Friday, 26 August 2011

Fashionable girls wearing T-stage fashion into life

For many people,T-stage presentation is just a program played in the subway station or TV.Do you think it is far from you ?Actually,each season's trend elements,main styles have permeate our life silently.So i think we should learn something from the T-stage and showing out the trend in our daily life.
First we should know the hot style in the season,and the styles various because of the world events and economic influence.In this year, retro current is the main trend,including hippy style,countryside style.

Retro ocean trend:Ocean stands for freedom and brave,artistic female youth all like to dress up sailor style clothes to show their life attitude.Dior combines the sailor uniform and exotic island glamour, together. creating the fresh tropical feeling.

1970s hippies style:The hippies eased the radical style, with another kind of treason, casual unruly. PUCCI neuter stylish rider with the zebra grain head scarves showing the typical hippie image.

Countryside style:Many brands absorb inspiration from the nature,D&G use rose and check showing vivid and lively.

Unisexual Style: Spring and autumn women's dress of Salvatore Ferragamo really showing Gesund and handsome,simply clipping and neutral color,not only showing elegance andtemperament ,but also presenting the Unisexual fashion trend.

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