Tuesday, 30 August 2011

From the color you hate testing your love character

Each color can stand for a character,the color we liked can showing our inner needs,actually,the color we disgusted also can showing a part of your inner character.

psychological test: choose one color your hated most,so you can know your love character.

A.red B.black C.yellow D. Pink E.green F.blue G. purple

Result analysis:
Hate red: You don't like be too close to others.Because of this,you will shirk when you face a suddenly coming love.In fact,in your heart you are eager to the fierce love.but your contradictory character may makes you having setback continuously,and such setbacks also make you hesitate about your love,then miss it.

Hate black: you looks like a free part who disgusting constraint when in love.you are quite confident to choose your lover by your intuition .Especially have confidence about love at first sight,although the person who has had family,you will regardlessness to pursue him or her,that is really dangerous.

Hate yellow : you like to add your value on others when in love, so you prefer choose the one who is similar to you .But if you stay a long time with the similar person,you may lack of passion then change the current situation.

Hate pink: you may give your lover a feeling of obliquity,so you may nitpick your other half,although your lover send you a present,you may choosy and say what should not talk.

Hate green : you always don't want be adult in your mentality,so when in love you hope can be well taken care of ,you hope your lover can pay out for you continual.Because this character is not easy to consider about others,and often say some words hurting people which you don't realize.Finally that may make your lover sad.

Hate blue: you may seek a complementary person,for you ,own the advantages you don't have may makes your life more exciting .But such character is more likely presenting tired,and once you meet a more fierce one , you might have a new sweetheart.

Hate purple: you want to have initiative when in love,you are very mighty,and like dominate others,that may makes your lover escaping from you.But,because of your confidence,you wouldn't very sad when your lover leave you .


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