Thursday, 16 June 2011

Upload a picture, you get 15 USD! For new users at

Upload a picture, you get $15! For new users at only

Just create a "wishlist" album in your facebook profile or vkontakte profile.

Then email us the link and your user name to

We will charge you $15 in your account that you can use while shopping at

How to create wishlist?

Whislist album is what you want to buy or some fashion clothes you like at

See example below:

Sexy Shoulder Flower Embellished Stripe Dress White

I love this strip dress so much.
You can click here to see details,

The $15 is only for the new registered users
The $15 is valid when your order is over $50
The $15 is valid before 30th June


  1. Are you able to use this $15 off with the other $15 off offer for new users?

  2. That is to say, when you registered at, you are new, you send us your username, when charge you $15 in your account, when you go to shopping.