Friday, 1 July 2011

Don’t have rainbow strip dress? You are out!

The design of rainbow strip artfully avoids exaggeration and reveals the elegant taste of female in carelessness. To choose an appropriate style of rainbow strip dress for yourselves is the first step to make you become the street focus this summer. Here, the editor will introduce you five styles which are really hot now.

Elastic Stripe Knitting Rainbow Blouse
The multi-color strip design is bright and diffusing out the vigor of youth. While the Blue elastic waist strip well merged with the whole design, it perfectly reveals your charming wait line. This artful design broke the simple of the blouse and let it be a good choice for both dating and casual time.

Loose Bat Wing Chiffon Rainbow Strip Dress
White, grey, blue, red, yellow strips are the hottest faddish element in this summer. Horizontal strips and bat wing sleeves design gives the loose feeling. Pair with it a short light blue jeans, simple flops and casual hair style, let’s fully enjoy the nice leisurely weekend!

Vintage Belt Sleeveless Colorful Striped Dress
Vertical strips are one of beauties’ magic tricks to make slimmer feeling. Cool and refresh Chiffon material pair with vintage broad belt perfectly reveal the waist line. All these designs let this casual style diffuse out irresistible elegant smell. Dress up it with wedge sandal and multilayer pearl bracelet for both refresh and elegant feeling.

Silk Bohemia Rainbow Strips Longuette
This vest bohemia rainbow strips longuette is so hot for this summer. Silk lining is very cool and comfortable. Vest design on the upper part, broad belt on waist part, and increasingly broad strip on skirt. All of these designs make this longuette concise but not simple. It will be a perfect choice for beach holiday.

Cute Bowknot Shoulder Rainbow Stripes Dress
Korean high wait and cute bowknot embellished shoulder design makes the dress sweet and reveal lady feeling. Bright color is refresh and with a little nifty. This dress will be well fit the favors of beauties who prefer lady style but with a little naughty heart.

Fashion Dress from Going Up Next Spring

While it's believed that the short list of Sydney locations involve the outer-suburb Chatswood Chase shopping centre, we has learned that the most probable location for the first Topshop store in Melbourne is on the Chapel Street high street. Requiring a huge retail space for their flagship store, is currently negotiating a rental contract for store space within Chapel Street's Jam Factory complex. Should the deal reach fruition it would see Topshop have access to the close-on 2,800 square meters of retail space recently produced available by the bankruptcy and closure of book retailer Borders.

While it might be impossible for the entire property to be dedicated to floor and shelf space, at 2,800 square meters the single storey store might be larger than Zara's Melbourne shop, which totals to 1,700 square meters spread across three levels.

With Australians already the third largest consumers of fashion goods via their online store, Wholesale-dress Topshop's opening in the country is a move certain to cement their position in the market. has been reliably told that Topshop has two desires of their initial Sydney and Melbourne stores is currently planning to open in time for Christmas 2011 with Topshop. As such their first season of stock might sit in line with their spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection, the European equivalent of which you can see below.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Finding the right website to buy shoes

Finding the right website that offers trendy women clothing can be very easy if you know what you are doing. To buy women clothing online and get the right price for your budget is simply a matter of doing your research. When you look for the store, or website, that you will be buying the women dress from you should first make sure that they have everything you need.

Shoes are one of the most commonly bought items by women all over the world as well as women of all ages. So here I’d like to say more details about how to buy women shoes online.

It is not hard to buy shoes for women over the Internet. As long as you know what she wants and what size would fit her feet. There are a lot of online women stores that cater shoes and they've got different styles, sizes and brands available for you to choose from.

With the popularity of online shopping. Looking for the right shoe is just a breeze. The only concern you have is the shoe size. In almost all the website for shoes the first thing you'll be asked for is the size. You have to know what your precise shoe size is and not to mention the width. It could be that your feet is at size 8 but has a width of 3EEE or it could be that you are size 8 but the width is 4EEEE. This is important to know. It would be best to have your feet measured by a shoe specialist so you'll know not just your shoe size but also its width.

The main advantage of buying shoes online is the wide variety of shoes they have that you can choose from. There is also no stock restriction that you often have issues on when you buy in the mall or the shoe store. You just select the shoes you want and the size you need and that's basically it!

In most commercial women stores not all sizes are available. It would be quite disappointing for women when they find the perfect shoes but they don't fit. Most of these stores offer just the smaller shoe sizes, up to the biggest shoe sizes, but they don't offer wide width shoe sizes. In buying shoes online all sizes are available and most of the shoes on commercial stores are also available online. So no more disappointments in not getting that awesome red stiletto you've always dreamed of, that is always out of stock in your local shoe stores. is one of the best clothing stores, especially women shoes. They have an enormous array of shoes available, great customer service and fast shipping.

Everybody wears shoes. Girls even love collecting them so why not start a shoe business online if you look at the prospect of engaging in a retail business? The shoes business can be very profitable.

Belt, best decoration for dress

Each year, we will accept two times fashion week’s fashion baptism, a variety of fresh dress also shock to our eyes again and again, but calm down to think over , each year's changes are not entirely innovative, the designers no matter how brilliant, are impossible to create new designs every year, most of the time they made litter changes on details, like add some eye-catching decorations , or just add a belt. You can try to add a belt as decoration to your old clothes or skirts ,you will find the clothes or skirts are entirely different because of this small change.

Rose Byrne in a red suit with a belt, seemed very capable and agile

Emmy Rossum ‘s dignified dress, with an exquisite eye-dotting belt looks more unusual .

Dianna Agron’s black dress has litter toneless, but the red belt bring the dress some vitality and looks perfect.

Olivia Munn’s flower printed maxi dress because of the belt not only stretch the leg, but also stand out her waist.

The season of bikini is coming now!!!

Ladies, don't you think you need a new fashion bikini?
Now let us enjoy the newest fashion trend of bikini! XD

The falbala is popular in everywhere, but bikini shows this fashion trend fully . Falbala drape and rows of design show the effect of breast enhancement . And it 's attractive by using the most enchanting attitude to all people.

The sport style of bikini add the lively stripe in this season of bikini. For the thin ladies, it's not only practical, but also elegant. When you are perfecting your chest type , you are slao enjoying the splashing fun.

The monochrome mix is one of the best and most stable fashion trend, it's attractive because of the visual shock and the complementary color. And according to the fashion trend of this season, sexy and avant-garde style will fascinate more people . And the sexy avant-garde is worth trying, you will become a scenery line of the beach.

A stereoscopic cake style bikini can through the "head fake" to make your bosom look more plentiful. if you wanner get the significant effect , you can choose the style of bright color.

Printed swimwear is a very popular style in this year. It involves dress, high waist shorts, chiffon, now it also relate to bikini. Multicolored printed bikini gives us al tropical amorous. What's more? Low waist designs of swimming trunks will show your sexy and charm fully .

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

VEST + TROUSERS:HOT & Fashionable Collocations for OLs

The hot summer is coming and nearly every OL is considering how to dress up both HOT and professionally. We can easily think of VEST in hot summer days and guess what? It can be perfect prof collocation when matching with trousers…Believe it or not, let’s check it out right now!

A light gauze material vest with a black little blazer is perfect for OLs, heels and 9-length trousers can make you look leggy.

A plain white vest makes you look fresh and cool in hot summer, a slender waist belt shows more layers of light color outfits.

Light chiffon top and black slouchy trousers looks classy and elegant.

Loose hem of a vest looks girly and comfy.

Black top and a white slouchy trousers, who can be more awesome than you!?

The fresh outfits worn out in summer slimmer and taller for you

The fresh outfits worn out in summer slimmer and taller for you

The fresh outfits which you can wear out in summer can make you look slimmer and taller.

Striped shirt
Navy striped shirt is an enduring style; wear it with khaki casual pants will make you very cool. You may love it very much.

The jumpsuit is solid-colored, V-neck sleeveless, flounced and has a tie. The blue color which can show your good complexion and make you have a great temperament, the design of deep V-neck can helped to flavor a little sexy for you.

Jean brace
Fashionable curling jean brace shorts, the style of the shorts is very casual, and everyone should prepare one! Wearing short match with a cotton T-shirt, it can be so cool!

Slim short sleeve

The slim short sleeve and the three-dimensional floral design can improve your visual impact. And the candy-colored shades make you never dreary in this summer!

The bowknot hot-pants give us a loose and casual feeling. Soft texture helps you feel very comfortable when wear it. Matched with a thin-Shirt, also have a fashionable spectacle

Bat shirt
Thin bat sleeve shirt is one of the shirts that easiest to match. The sleeves of bat sleeve can hide your fat. The nude color also makes the shirt very beautiful.

Street snapshots: Who is the color matching expert?

Street snapshots: Who is the color matching expert?

Just right for the purpose that’s the idea state of color matching we seeking for. Brilliant color is good, but we can’t only wear the brilliant color clothing. To show our fashion and learn how to matching color, let’s take a street snapshot.

1, Brightly colorful stripe vest matching fashion profession narrow black short skirt reveal fashion and individuality. Special necklace; big black glasses; simple style black pumps and green nail make others feel fashion is everywhere.

2, Navy style blue and white stripe skirt looks a little neuter, but a pair of red step-in shoes breaks the neuter style and showing the fashion style. Detail is the key of success. Don’t ignore the painted red nail.

3, Gorgeous flower print dress matching bright yellow T-shirt showing vivid and young. Lace-up comfortable cowhide lady’s flat is retro and a little rural.

4,Matching two opposite color together and mixing white that refresh and comfortable. Orange belt make the long dress looks noble. The maxi dress matching white suit reveals the star temperament.

5,If you thought red matching green is unfashionable, you are behind the times. This girl wearing red shoes and green short dress, but matching with classic black coat and white vest that’s just right.

6,Colorful isn’t mean beautiful. Classic white and black clothing matching a simple style blue pump, will help you became fashion and more confident.