Saturday, 8 October 2011

New product show,just US$ 9.46

Long pattern knit sweater,with a big star in the middle of the clothes.You can match with a tight jeans or just wear it as a dress.

Casual and fashion

Neck warmers keep your neck warm

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sales Promotion:Sweet pink dress,just US$ 9 now!

Light pink is pure and fresh,this dress really can show your thin figure,the concise style is very fashion and charming,for the lovely girls,you really need this pink dress .

It can show your curvaceous well

Round neck,long sleeves,hairy globule as the ornament.

Back :long zipper,double layer shell fabric.

Hairy,brushy,comfortable and warm

Don't hesitate,bring me home now.

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US$ 4.38

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Eight sweet single products,be a nice autumn princess

Feeling the autumn,how to dress up like a sexy and sweet girl,and how to extend the sweet and beauty trend of summer ?Now i will recommend you several types of long sleeves dress,show out your sweet and fashion.Come on, our princess!

Falbala tight suit
This suit is in nice design,lappet is the big falbala which has a special and elegant feeling. No buttons, you can match with a chiffon dress or T-shirt inside,such beautiful color is really very outstanding.

Cream-colored tassel joker shirt
It is in very simple design, but it's very good-looking,this type of clothes is suitable for this season, tassel is very special, natural and optional.You can match with a harem pant which can reflect your OL fashion, also you can match jeans reflecting leisure sweet wind.

This kind dust coat is very thick,you not only can be fashion and beautiful, but also can keep from cold.The details on the coat is fashionable,and has a taste of retro.

Bowknot ribbon coat
This small coat is very thin, you can match with a bottoming shirt inside,the ribbon can tied on the shoulder, or you can tie it on the waist.And there's yarn linings of the hem,really looks special.

Loose thin knit cardigan
That is a endearing knitting cardigan in lovely color, frivolous fabrics, the color is pure and fresh .It's really a good joker item, you can match dress or T-shirt inside .

Montage yarn dress
Pretty style, fluffy cute, and it wouldn't makes you looking matter single wear or match with a coat,are all very suitable.And the pearl adornment around the collar can show classic.

Bat wing cloak coat
This is a simple contract coat,no redundant adornment, low-key costly do not break. Lovely doll brought, charming and sweet. You can optional match with a dress or T-shirt !

Lace yarn dress
Beige lace yarn dress can reveal sweet fair maiden temperament.lace is in the thick design,and there's a ribbon on the back ,you can tie as a bowknot.The girls who like sweet style can try this one.