Friday, 15 June 2012

Shoes, reviews

Hi dears, many our fans bought fashion outfits in our website, and today I would like to show you some shoes which bought by our fans in our website. And they also give out their detailed reviews.


She bought a pair of wedges from our website, she tells detailed prize, color, size, fabric, high heel height information. And she also talks about her own opinions for this wedges from look, comfort, feelings and own experience. These photos are taken by herself.

see her review Review (Shoes) by Pearl

Wow! This girl bought shoes worn in the winter, look at what she bought, I guess she is a lovely girl. ;-) This girl totally bought 5 pairs of boots in our website, I'm doubting do you really like them or you just think they are really cheap, and those don't cost a big amount of money?? Anyway! Thank you for your support to our website!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weird and Creative Shoes

                                                           Weird and Creative Shoes

1.New shoes are made with REAL stuffed dead pigeon, these shoes make these toes look pigeon-toed.

2.The weird range includes high heels made from horse hooves; one pair of Iris’s horse boots has cream horse fur with a zip at the front. The hoof is still intact and a bone is used for the heel.

3.  The shoes have two wedges looks the shoes of  ancient china imperial concubine 

4.The pulley is used to the heels as a decoration, the shoes have Scotland striped cloth at the front

5.The boots have glitter fabric, super high platform which attract a lot of attention. 

6. Design inspiration of the shoes is from deer. The shoes have two heels look deer legs, Khaki fabric with
   the white spots look deers fur