Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weird and Creative Shoes

                                                           Weird and Creative Shoes

1.New shoes are made with REAL stuffed dead pigeon, these shoes make these toes look pigeon-toed.

2.The weird range includes high heels made from horse hooves; one pair of Iris’s horse boots has cream horse fur with a zip at the front. The hoof is still intact and a bone is used for the heel.

3.  The shoes have two wedges looks the shoes of  ancient china imperial concubine 

4.The pulley is used to the heels as a decoration, the shoes have Scotland striped cloth at the front

5.The boots have glitter fabric, super high platform which attract a lot of attention. 

6. Design inspiration of the shoes is from deer. The shoes have two heels look deer legs, Khaki fabric with
   the white spots look deers fur

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