Saturday, 30 June 2012

Buy shoes on reviews by Brazilian fashion blogger

For fashion and beautiful women, high heel shoes are their necessity. Maybe a pair of fancy high heel shoes cost you dozens or hundreds dollars, and some high heel shoes only cost for ten to twenty dollars, it all depends on personal purchasing habit.
Summer comes, a pair of scandals with a dress, is a very outstanding collocation for a good figure beauty.
Lace has become the popular fashion factor in the hot summer, the Fish Mouth Lace Fashion Sandals. You can choose black, collocate with the deep color dress, elegant and sexy. Or choose apricot color and wearing the nude color skirt. It is the best choice for white skin color girl, and that will make them really like a fresh wind in the summer.
Maybe you will say lace is for royal aunt, not fit for Lolita. It doesn’t matter, a simple pair of Lovely Belted Ankle Bowknot Knitted Wedge Sandals could help you solve this. It’s simple and beautiful, very suitable for lovely girl. The pink bowknot, blue bandage, is it fancy for beauty leg girls?

Many WD fans will complain that the shipping fee is so expensive. This fashion blogger from Brazil, Wow!! is really fantastic!! She also bought several shoes on our website, she wrote a blog presenting her own opinions, you can have a look. Click Here

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We are where we live, review, Norway beauty

When we see handsome boys and beauties wearing fashion clothing, and appearing extraordinary temperament, we will appreciate them. However, if this will generate our pursuit to fashion? Right! Because we are also young!
This blogger really shocked us, she is a 23-year-old girl from Norway. And she is not only beautiful, and full of star flair. But these are all not that important, there was a saying: we are where we live. Norway is a good place! The grassland is so green, the sky is so blue, the lake is so clear. Wait, what’s in my mind now? I wanna ask how do you like our website? Do you like China? Our country don’t have such a beautiful environment. Because the world’s factories are located here, made in the world is made in China.

If you are from some corner of the world, your hometown has the unique and beautiful scenery, you could take a photo of yourself in front of a beautiful background and email to us, attach your personal information. The email address is We will post your pictures on our official blog, so that all WD fans could see. My favourite place is here, there, and there……

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Monday, 25 June 2012

A Fashion Girl Writes the Haul of

Dear WD fans, here is a fashion site review. A Britain girl once bought fashion outfits on our website. I have to say she is really a very beautiful girl, good figure, lovely face, and the key point is she knows fashion.

In my personal opinion, what she bought on our website is all very individual, and full of fashion flair. And what she bought are all hot sale of our site. Because she bought the outfits last year on our website, these products are out of stock now.

Such as this one she bought, dot printed green blouse, it is very suitable for Asian girls, because Asian girl’s yellow skin well matches the light green color, and polka dot is the classic style in the hot summer. If wearing a short pantskirt, is a very fashion and lovely dressing.

This red chiffon vest she bought, circle design of the collar shows fashion feeling. But my advice is deep color skin girl may not choose such color clothes, because it will show your skin more black, and it is not well matched, so black beauty should choose it carefully.

Haha~~ Although this beauty have bought a Multilayered Exquisite Knitted Hollow-out Flower Pantskirt on our website. And I will recommend this Tying Chiffon Pantskirt, is it very suitable to the first dot printed green blouse that I referred just now? It’s the popular sweet fashion style in the hot summer.

At last I will say thanks to Joey, she gave a review for our website objectively and attentively. Here is the link: (click here)