Saturday, 24 September 2011

World Heart Day,stand working is more healthy

Do you know what's the date of 9.25?that is World Heart Day.let's know more knowledge about our heart ,and give them a relaxation.
Since brainwork displace physical work , we spend more time on our office chair. About 32% of the world's people sitting on the chair office for more than 10 hours every day, half of the people almost won't leave office chair, eat lunch is no exception. And this way, make our heart carries enormous pressure in more than half a day: sedentary state of rest and other improper position can lead to blood circulation reduced, affect heart function.

Actually we really can do like that: stand to use computer, reduce the pressure of the cervical spine; Standing for a while , relax the waist ache stiff back; Stand for comment, your voice will be in virtually more loud, shape also will be better. Even, if you stand up to think, than you thought will be more clear more logical. NASA did a test: "the perso sit down or stand, which is easier to stimulate inspiration?" Results show that, in terms of speed, stand is 30% faster than sit. Stand to see further!

All the office workers,please take out a little more time in the office, stand for a while,be more healthy.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The strongest fashion color ,honey pink making a difference

The hot color in 2009 is bright yellow,and in 2010 that is viridis,so do you know the most popular color in 2011?Let me tell you,that is honey pink,which is between red and pink,it is very hot in T stage and red carpet with the rapid speed.

Honey pink not only can show girl's sweet,but also can show your charming.Today we will learn something about how to make the best collocation by this color.
Model show

Actress show

Do you know the person in the right picture?HAHA

Next ,i'd like to show you some practical collocation
Half sleeve suit+Harem pants +wedge heel

Honey pink dress+jeans coat+deep blue high heels+pink earrings

Army green with honey pink is really fashion and vanguard

Temperament beauty show the gbless Outfits for you

Do you want to be handsome looking?Fashion is one of the best way. Use fashion to change you, mining to play out you hale handsome side! Now let's look at the handsome collocation chose by our editor!

Black is always cold representative, and more suitable for you to attend serious situation. The whole body of the unified black suit, with big sunglasses can adding more mystique.

Tooling large pockets assorted colors match with gray shirt of tall waist, let you depart from convention.The little short boots, make whole appears more agile. very slender waist band on the waist and hat shown a hippie style.

Although just simple black and white collocation, but the hot pants , tassel boots and slender legs can express a woman's charm well. Exaggerate and messy accessories make the whole modeling more wild and unruly.

Not only high heels, shrugged suit can show the strength of a woman. Flat short boots, tight pants, stripe batwing shirt also can express the beauty.

Golden bright paillette looks a bit messy,but it can match the light brown suit very well in the whole.The black grounding makes the golden more attractive,and the gentle small hat also can adding elegance for you.

Shrug suit, drape haroun pants these the most in single products we already familiar with . But if you want to wear a feeling of queen , metal decorate waist is absolutely indispensable. The largest window collocation is the shining metallic waist, not only got-up figure but also can show more queen temperament.

Black white and gray three color collocation, make you won't lost the brilliance due to the insufficient of saturation. The more classic the color is,the more amorous feelings it will be.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Thin autumn collocation in september,the necessary items for you

Girls, how to dress well and show your own fashion in this september?Actually is very simple, choose a render pants is enough. Now let's see the people in fashion circle how to dress up,and then you should prepare the collocation for yourself.

Tall and long stripes conspicuous cardigan
The pure color baggy design , the simple sense of soft knitting cardigan, loose line, manifests the easy recreational style; The stripe of distinct element, make the line of modelling more trenchant, present a solid color.
Medium size weskit
Beautiful and bright blue weskit, bright colour, very sweet, presenting a very noble flavor. Exquisite pure cotton fabrics, long pattern design style, make the line of the figure more taller.

Relaxed and comfortable shirt + fashion trends montage pants
Quietly elegant long shirt,frivolous pure cotton fabrics, close skin can feel very comfortable. Delicate and cabinet collar design, show beautiful and fashionable breath, wide belt design is very handsome.

Handsome tide big turndown suit
Bright red colour of the business suit, improved edition soft, slightly apeak quality of a material, send out a very sweetfeeling. Delicate clipping style, very fashion, the color is quietly elegant, manifests the sweet and relaxed fair maiden breath.

Loose leisure asymmetric bats knitting cardigan
Light grey sweater,asymmetry design for the coat tail, loose line, manifests the easy leisure style, exquisite fabrics, which are very comfortable wearing, the color is quietly elegant, send out an attractive fair maiden model.

Attractive long stripes cardigan
Bright black and white stripe elements long stripes cardigan ,two bright colors is always classic , reflecting the level of three-dimensional lines, very sensible thin.

Handsome and sweet pure color suit
Light pink suit jacket, exquisite fabrics, filled with excellent taste, the suit makes whole modeling very handsome. Fold the vesicles feeling sleeve,lovely and sweet.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Small coat big popularity,learn from the stars how to dress well in autumn

Very practical early autumn sweaters and small suit is always the unnecessary items in this season, actress who will give you a court, teach you how to dress well in early autumn,wear a fashionable autumn outfit .

Black or blue small suit is the joker item, matching a low bosom T-shirt inside , gray pants have a intense tonal contrast with the coat color .

Bluish green small suit is really attractive,like blue and orange such bright color small suit will be very popualar in this autumn.You can match a black pattern T-shirt, a tight jeans,and a big black rivet bag ,which can make the whole sculpt more fashion.

A concise collocation, a black suit match with a V T-shirt, sexy and handsome, supplement tall waist black shorts. The yellow big envelope bag and gold bracelets bring a lot lightspot for the black modelling .

White small suit is a joker item in this autumn,it can be sweet in your daily life,and it also can be elegant in your work time, you can match with a gray pattern long sleeve T-shirt and Vignol trousers,really fashionable.

Brief knit sweater is very practical in early autumn, tie-in knickers or long skirt, melting fashionable good single product. White bag and white shoes is in the same tone of the whole modeling.

Very recreational gray stripe garment ,if you feel cold ,you also can match with a army green wind coat,the black high heel boots is really handsome,a fashionable and sweet collocation.