Monday, 19 September 2011

Small coat big popularity,learn from the stars how to dress well in autumn

Very practical early autumn sweaters and small suit is always the unnecessary items in this season, actress who will give you a court, teach you how to dress well in early autumn,wear a fashionable autumn outfit .

Black or blue small suit is the joker item, matching a low bosom T-shirt inside , gray pants have a intense tonal contrast with the coat color .

Bluish green small suit is really attractive,like blue and orange such bright color small suit will be very popualar in this autumn.You can match a black pattern T-shirt, a tight jeans,and a big black rivet bag ,which can make the whole sculpt more fashion.

A concise collocation, a black suit match with a V T-shirt, sexy and handsome, supplement tall waist black shorts. The yellow big envelope bag and gold bracelets bring a lot lightspot for the black modelling .

White small suit is a joker item in this autumn,it can be sweet in your daily life,and it also can be elegant in your work time, you can match with a gray pattern long sleeve T-shirt and Vignol trousers,really fashionable.

Brief knit sweater is very practical in early autumn, tie-in knickers or long skirt, melting fashionable good single product. White bag and white shoes is in the same tone of the whole modeling.

Very recreational gray stripe garment ,if you feel cold ,you also can match with a army green wind coat,the black high heel boots is really handsome,a fashionable and sweet collocation.

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  1. I think that having just like that jacket was perfect for this upcoming Christmas season 2012. It looks very comfortable looking in wearing those jackets. Thank you and I’ll definitely refer this to my friend.