Saturday, 24 September 2011

World Heart Day,stand working is more healthy

Do you know what's the date of 9.25?that is World Heart Day.let's know more knowledge about our heart ,and give them a relaxation.
Since brainwork displace physical work , we spend more time on our office chair. About 32% of the world's people sitting on the chair office for more than 10 hours every day, half of the people almost won't leave office chair, eat lunch is no exception. And this way, make our heart carries enormous pressure in more than half a day: sedentary state of rest and other improper position can lead to blood circulation reduced, affect heart function.

Actually we really can do like that: stand to use computer, reduce the pressure of the cervical spine; Standing for a while , relax the waist ache stiff back; Stand for comment, your voice will be in virtually more loud, shape also will be better. Even, if you stand up to think, than you thought will be more clear more logical. NASA did a test: "the perso sit down or stand, which is easier to stimulate inspiration?" Results show that, in terms of speed, stand is 30% faster than sit. Stand to see further!

All the office workers,please take out a little more time in the office, stand for a while,be more healthy.

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