Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Thin autumn collocation in september,the necessary items for you

Girls, how to dress well and show your own fashion in this september?Actually is very simple, choose a render pants is enough. Now let's see the people in fashion circle how to dress up,and then you should prepare the collocation for yourself.

Tall and long stripes conspicuous cardigan
The pure color baggy design , the simple sense of soft knitting cardigan, loose line, manifests the easy recreational style; The stripe of distinct element, make the line of modelling more trenchant, present a solid color.
Medium size weskit
Beautiful and bright blue weskit, bright colour, very sweet, presenting a very noble flavor. Exquisite pure cotton fabrics, long pattern design style, make the line of the figure more taller.

Relaxed and comfortable shirt + fashion trends montage pants
Quietly elegant long shirt,frivolous pure cotton fabrics, close skin can feel very comfortable. Delicate and cabinet collar design, show beautiful and fashionable breath, wide belt design is very handsome.

Handsome tide big turndown suit
Bright red colour of the business suit, improved edition soft, slightly apeak quality of a material, send out a very sweetfeeling. Delicate clipping style, very fashion, the color is quietly elegant, manifests the sweet and relaxed fair maiden breath.

Loose leisure asymmetric bats knitting cardigan
Light grey sweater,asymmetry design for the coat tail, loose line, manifests the easy leisure style, exquisite fabrics, which are very comfortable wearing, the color is quietly elegant, send out an attractive fair maiden model.

Attractive long stripes cardigan
Bright black and white stripe elements long stripes cardigan ,two bright colors is always classic , reflecting the level of three-dimensional lines, very sensible thin.

Handsome and sweet pure color suit
Light pink suit jacket, exquisite fabrics, filled with excellent taste, the suit makes whole modeling very handsome. Fold the vesicles feeling sleeve,lovely and sweet.

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  1. Simple design but it looks fashionable clothes is this most especially those jackets. It looks very comfortable in wearing that kind of clothes collection. Thanks for sharing.