Saturday, 18 June 2011

How can be a sexy woman if not on high heels?

women & high heels
women with high heels, always have a close relationship, there is evidence of the master Tom Ford: " how can be a sexy woman if not wear high heels?" High heels related to sexy? The answer is: "Of course!"

The temptation of high heels
Woman wearing high heels can outbreak of sexy, fascination and confidence at a moment. High heels seems like a woman’s winning weapon, a pair of high heels, absolute not only to increase your height, but also increase the self-confidence and grace from your inner
in fashion world ,High heels continue to attract beauties' eyes, all kind of of high heels, or sexy, or retro, or luxury ... ... Wear high heels can immediately erect stature, elongated leg line, make stature more slender and prefect, Wearing high heels really no as comfortable as flat shoes, but as long as you select befitting shoes, in fact, they are not so uncomfortable. high heels so attractive, how to select a pair of suitable high heels?

If you wear 4-6cm high heels …
Harvard University health experts found that among all shoes, the most help to lose weight is 4-6 cm high heels. This height of shoes can effectively consume the fat of waist and abdomen. so your will have flat, sexy stomach! But wears 4--6 cm high heels, the biggest trouble is that it adds your back ‘s pressure, I suggest you s change a bit soft mattress sheets when you sleeping.
If you wear 6-8cm high heels
 One study found that if you wear 7 cm high heels to 2 hours, neck’s stiffness will increase 22%, health experts generally do not recommend the OLs who always face to computer longtime to wear 6-8 cm high heels, that will make your neck more and more tired! I suggest you to put the shoes off every two hours when you wear 6-8cm high heels , let your feet rest for 15 minutes.


 In recent years, the hot wedge heel making high heels higher and higher. Karl Largerfeld think that the 14 cm ultra-high heels are the most appropriate to match ultra-mini skirt.


Sweet Storm:Japan Style Simple Summer Clothing

The summer, our design adds cleanly and lovely texture and details, and simply is the key of Japan style, now we know about simple Japan attire.

Blue Stripe Stringy Selvedge Neckline Chiffon Shirt
Thin vertical lines with a sense of cleanly blue-colored items feel cool and cozy. A type featuring hem slightly spreading is very cute. Simply narrow collar, graceful stringy selvedge and delicate rotator cuff add highlights of the clothing.

Retro Pattern Bat Sleeves Doll Style T-shirt
Neckline featuring retro printing shows bohemian style. Contorted fold Neckline inadvertently reveals a unique design. Matching Jeans or print half slip is all perfect.

Color Dot Halter-style Vest
Cleanly and lovely Color dot and cool halter-style reveal a deep sense of vacation style. Color dot halter-style vest matching hot pants and flip-flop, let us enjoy our happy trip.

Lace Collar Halter Tie Short T-shirt
Stereo flocking prints and letters bring a sense of preppy Look. Collar quilts decorations and lace reveal Japan style emphasizing on details. Halter tie design is unique.

Small Pedicel Crochets Lace Dress
Retro lace around the bottom artfully matches with the dress. Lap embellishes delicate crochet lace, which adds delicacy and elegancy. Waist with draw string creates purer retro Style.

Watercolor Big Strawberry Splices Dress
Sweet lady’s dress featuring comfortable cotton texture reveals your perfect literary temperament. Cleanly and lovely watercolor strawberry pattern with small beads strung into black seeds of strawberry, which is vivid and cute.

Water Jade Case Grain Splice Doll Style Dress
Extremely fantastic and romantic neon color’s Water jade is beautiful and graceful, which is eye-catching and friendly feeling. Simply case grain splices at collar and hem which has a sense of pastoral style.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rainy day, You can also enjoy our dressing

Sisters, are you still vexed about what to wear in the season of rain ?

Pls look at our Stylista matching in rainy day!

Part I:Rain Boot

Do you also wear the antiquated rain boots? Come on.! You are out now.

It's time to change them. Lovely? Sexy? Any other strange but nice styles, you should try .

Nowadays, lovely rain boots is popular than any other styles. The colour of profusion, lovely design, bring the gift of rain.
Someone may say: Hi, beauty, you bring the fresh colors to us in a rainy day.

The colour of profusion brings not only the visual enjoyment, but also the other change of your collocation.

Part II Slippers

Summer is a season of sandals, no matter the rainy day or sunny day, girls can wear lovely, or sexy style at any time !!!!!

In the Sunny day, the weather may be very hot. At that moment , slippers are absolutely the best choices of girls .
Comfortable feeling is the true feeling of summer.

Anyway, I think slipper is everything in summer. XD


Upload a picture, you get 15 USD! For new users at

Upload a picture, you get $15! For new users at only

Just create a "wishlist" album in your facebook profile or vkontakte profile.

Then email us the link and your user name to

We will charge you $15 in your account that you can use while shopping at

How to create wishlist?

Whislist album is what you want to buy or some fashion clothes you like at

See example below:

Sexy Shoulder Flower Embellished Stripe Dress White

I love this strip dress so much.
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The $15 is only for the new registered users
The $15 is valid when your order is over $50
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Tender Pink Chiffon Dress, Your Favorite in Hot Day!

Tender Pink Chiffon Dress, Your Favorite in Hot Day!

It is hotter and hotter, 30 degrees of high temperature let us feel the summer has come, at such times Wearing must be the priority of the girls. So editors recommend several items of cool and refreshing match for everybody and hope to offer a little help for you.

Retro White Large Floral Strappy Dress
Fresh white large floral pattern appears vitality of summer; strappy dress is simple cutting without excessive ornament , high-waist, elasticity and satin like lining which is soft, smooth and cozy

Sweet Lace Pierced Chiffon Dress
Pierced short sleeves design may prevent from ultraviolet rays and make us feel cool. Quietly elegant green design is popular with many girls. Layers of lace on lap are cute and naughty of sweet girl.

Tender Pink Spots Lace Cape Dress
Loose design at ease, regular spots print not only match with color, but it strengthens contrastive visual effects

Japan Chiffon Strappy Cake Dress
Retro Polka spots make the dress more vivid, swaying layers of flouncing is rippling mainden complex, black lace embellishes shoulder strap and waist, which shows charming collarbone and shoulder and modifies slim waist.

Layers of Ethereal Beach Bandeau Strappy Maxi Dress
Bandeau strappy maxi dress featuring a A-line style skirt, which appears perfectly aesthetic feeling of your body. The dress is below bust with a sexy notch at the centre, which appears purity.

Summer Sleeve Pleated Slim Waist Dress
Tender peach pink, delicate embroidery lace, classical pleat on front and back, large cuff and elegancy stringy selvedge and each detail perfectly combine, then creates dreamlike mood.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Upload a picture, you get $15! For new users at only

Upload a picture, you get $15! For new users at only

Just create a "wishlist" album in your facebook profile or vkontakte profile.

Then email us the link and your user name to

We will charge you $15 in your account that you can use while shopping at

How to create wishlist?

Whislist album is what you want to buy or some fashion clothes you like at

See example below:

Sexy Shoulder Flower Embellished Stripe Dress White

I love this strip dress so much.
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The $15 is only for the new registered users
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