Saturday, 18 June 2011

How can be a sexy woman if not on high heels?

women & high heels
women with high heels, always have a close relationship, there is evidence of the master Tom Ford: " how can be a sexy woman if not wear high heels?" High heels related to sexy? The answer is: "Of course!"

The temptation of high heels
Woman wearing high heels can outbreak of sexy, fascination and confidence at a moment. High heels seems like a woman’s winning weapon, a pair of high heels, absolute not only to increase your height, but also increase the self-confidence and grace from your inner
in fashion world ,High heels continue to attract beauties' eyes, all kind of of high heels, or sexy, or retro, or luxury ... ... Wear high heels can immediately erect stature, elongated leg line, make stature more slender and prefect, Wearing high heels really no as comfortable as flat shoes, but as long as you select befitting shoes, in fact, they are not so uncomfortable. high heels so attractive, how to select a pair of suitable high heels?

If you wear 4-6cm high heels …
Harvard University health experts found that among all shoes, the most help to lose weight is 4-6 cm high heels. This height of shoes can effectively consume the fat of waist and abdomen. so your will have flat, sexy stomach! But wears 4--6 cm high heels, the biggest trouble is that it adds your back ‘s pressure, I suggest you s change a bit soft mattress sheets when you sleeping.
If you wear 6-8cm high heels
 One study found that if you wear 7 cm high heels to 2 hours, neck’s stiffness will increase 22%, health experts generally do not recommend the OLs who always face to computer longtime to wear 6-8 cm high heels, that will make your neck more and more tired! I suggest you to put the shoes off every two hours when you wear 6-8cm high heels , let your feet rest for 15 minutes.


 In recent years, the hot wedge heel making high heels higher and higher. Karl Largerfeld think that the 14 cm ultra-high heels are the most appropriate to match ultra-mini skirt.


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  1. All the shoes look great! But I don't think I can do higher than 8cm :(