Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tender Pink Chiffon Dress, Your Favorite in Hot Day!

Tender Pink Chiffon Dress, Your Favorite in Hot Day!

It is hotter and hotter, 30 degrees of high temperature let us feel the summer has come, at such times Wearing must be the priority of the girls. So editors recommend several items of cool and refreshing match for everybody and hope to offer a little help for you.

Retro White Large Floral Strappy Dress
Fresh white large floral pattern appears vitality of summer; strappy dress is simple cutting without excessive ornament , high-waist, elasticity and satin like lining which is soft, smooth and cozy

Sweet Lace Pierced Chiffon Dress
Pierced short sleeves design may prevent from ultraviolet rays and make us feel cool. Quietly elegant green design is popular with many girls. Layers of lace on lap are cute and naughty of sweet girl.

Tender Pink Spots Lace Cape Dress
Loose design at ease, regular spots print not only match with color, but it strengthens contrastive visual effects

Japan Chiffon Strappy Cake Dress
Retro Polka spots make the dress more vivid, swaying layers of flouncing is rippling mainden complex, black lace embellishes shoulder strap and waist, which shows charming collarbone and shoulder and modifies slim waist.

Layers of Ethereal Beach Bandeau Strappy Maxi Dress
Bandeau strappy maxi dress featuring a A-line style skirt, which appears perfectly aesthetic feeling of your body. The dress is below bust with a sexy notch at the centre, which appears purity.

Summer Sleeve Pleated Slim Waist Dress
Tender peach pink, delicate embroidery lace, classical pleat on front and back, large cuff and elegancy stringy selvedge and each detail perfectly combine, then creates dreamlike mood.

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