Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Apply for free sample of

Do you like free gifts?
Do you like free clothing for
Now you can apply for free clothing or accessory from

Who can apply for free samples?
1. Blog owners
  • The blog must have more than 500 followers. 
  • If do you have so much, you can write an entry about our website, whatever content, we can monitor any traffic from your website, if you help us to get enough traffic, you can get free samples.
  • Most of your blog content must about fashion.
 2. users
  • must have at least 700 fans
3. Forum activist

4. Other online activist

How to apply?
You need to offer the following information.
1. Name
2. Country
3. Links
  • Blog
  • Lookbook
  • Forum
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
Then email this information to
We will check and reply your email in 3 days.

Requirement for you
If you success in applying the free samples and already receive the goods, you are require to write an review for us with an active link to our website.

Any question, please email to or ask here.

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  1. hey i'm Annielyn VIctorio from Philippines, i'm new at your shop and i really wanted to be a part of your growing company by tha use of internet. i'm hoping that i could get a sample of your goods so that my friends and family who loves clothes and shoes could see it and eventually would buy...thanx...

  2. Hi'
    i want to ask u why websit didn't open and i can't to insert to the websit???
    is there any updat??? tell me please
    I'm from arabic country..

    I hope to help me to know how to blog to the site...