Saturday, 16 July 2011

Five cents trousers , most suitable in July

Short skirt, small hot pants is very popular, but it is not convenient,; Jeans, pencil pants can modify legs, but in this hot summer it's not suitable because of the high temperature.In comparison, Five cents trousers at this time is more suitable,it not only can hide the fat , but also is very comfortable and relaxed.

The efficacy of umbellate five cents trousers is equal to the A word skirt ,it can spin on the vision of Stretching the legs. Fine case grain printing keep up with the tide restoring ancient ways.

Hilton also fell in love with the comfortable five cents trousers, of course, it's still on her pink style.

Tall waist white five cents trousers, is successful to show beautiful S curve. Big collarband show charming collarbone,and it still can make your face looks more exquisite.

When go to the seaside beach, five cents trousers is a good choice.

Neutral wind has become more and more popular, men's wear fashionable upgraded for women. The big sport T-shirt can increase a bright and clear temperament for the girls, adding more vitality.

Friday, 15 July 2011

transparent gauze skirt, cool your summer

Since when , "transparent gauze" become a fixed exclusive nouns, it becomes the newly fashion favor in this summer .All kinds of novel material make the transparent world more rich and more interesting.No matter in T stage festival or the streets and lanes, the star tide people have to prepare a transparent department regalia, in this summer, cool and sexy is the key, let's see, street fashionable people how to put the transparent on the body !

This is really a beautiful and moving dress, naked lubricious gauze,Embroidery distribution in the upper body and the skirt tail.Transparent gauze makes the legs so sexy.

This transparent gauze shirtwaist , is so simple even like a mermaid princess, elegant bud silk skirt to foil legs beauty, clipping optional lightsome, tie-in style also can be changed a lot , Black lingerie or render skirt inside are both very good.

Elegant skirt on the street is very attractive,this blue transparent qualitative silk skirt is cool and modern, and the hand knotted big pack adds rural home elements for the whole.

Black gauze long dress, you can choose such material for this summer, not too hot and you can wear black upper body.

Blue skirt match with orange plunge plait skirt , this matching clever combined with two skirts, and the colors also hit very beautiful.

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Fashion cycle,polka dots back to fashion world again

Some people said that fashion is always a decade cycle of games. When hot wave of a decade ago ---- polka dots and re-stripe elements, back to fashion world again, the strong feel of visual it brought make the Fashionable people immediately fall in love with the retro polka dots dress.

Lovely sweet dresses are every girl’s essential goods, especially in hot summer, put on a pretty dress will get good mood. The most attractive part of the dress is layered flounced decoration before the chest, which made the dress exudes sweet and grace .What’s more, dots pattern made the dress very nifty, as lovely as clouds in sky. The design of elastic at cuffs is elaborate.

Suggestion for collocation: One-piece dress, rich in style, dots pattern, pastel-colored, not need too much accessories, just take a delicate necklace or bracelet.
Suitable groups: green is more suitable for summer, fresh and clean, bright and soft. But green is not appropriate for everyone but for fair-skinned beauty.

Simple design, and popular polka dots made the dress more fashionable. Bowknot in front of chest optimized the chest’ line, meanwhile revealed elegant and generous. The design of gallus demonstrated beauty’s charming clavicles and slender neck, full of elegant and sexy temperament.

Suggestion for collocation: wear white pearls necklace, put on white or silver high heels, take red or black leather bag can be dressed as beautiful as model.
Suitable groups: white with gray without limitation of beauty’s color of skin.Suitable occasions: dating, shopping, work, etc.

Fashionable dress, has delicate black lotus leaf collar, slap-up thick cotton texture, very stylish. The element of polka dots made the dress more fashionable and lovely.

Suggestion for collocation: T-shirts and lotus sleeve shirts are good choices for collocation. Dress dark cloth looks very slim.
groups: Slim style, the design of Waist section made your waist looks more thinner, and if you have little stomach, you still need not worry about it. There is no limit on the hip, can be well to lengthen your leg line.
Suitable occasions: The greatest feature of this dress is appropriate for different occasions.

Straps on both sides and flounced and studded with lace made the dress sweet and graceful. No zipper, waist has elastic, which can be stretched. The color of black seems more slim actually. Black dress with white dots is very popular at the moment.

Suggestion for collocation: high-heeled sandals can be captured the hearts of all people, it is suitable with a hat.
Suitable groups: this Jumpsuits is appropriate for all people, whatever your skin color is black or fair, your stature is hot or out of shape , this piece of pant gives you 100% confidence.
Suitable occasions: practical dress, work, appointments, leisure.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fresh and sweet dress,simple but never losing good taste

Want to have charming and noble temperament like goddess? Choose a simple, but without losing the taste dress, immediately full of of noble temperament. Wear the most attractive and fashionable dress to create a sweet and seductive princess image.

A very simple but elegant flower printed small dress, exudes the field girl’s sweet temperament, make people could not forget it’s pretty when see it one time. Decorative bow before chest is lovely, soft chiffon create a natural beauty, add decorate with lace in detail made the dress gorgeous and romantic.

Authentic retro green dress, thin cut create perfect figure shape, with a belt which has exquisite decorative bow, add lightsome pleated skirt, made the dress full of elegant lady’ good taste .

Vivid colors’, full of fashionable and stylish, with fresh stripes make your temperament more outstanding, coupled with a chic bow belt, made the dress filling with sweet temperament, the overall shape of the dress is fascinated .

Spliced design of chiffon skirt, flounced elegant decoration on details of delicate and graceful upper body, made people looks elegant, colorful flower printed high waist skirt, light and elegant, the dress looks like a dancing flower butterfly.

A unique two-piece dress makes you to be another kind of fashion princess. Obblique shoulder and high waist chiffon dress, fresh and pleasant, thin vest skirt inside sketched out sexy profile.

Wrapped chest small and exquisite dress, delicate and gorgeous lace patterns bring out noble princess temperament, elegant purple exudes a charming lady’s feel, with the addition of fluffy and stylish pleated skirt, the dress looks elegant and perfect.

Full of three-dimensional flowers’ dress are so beauty that made people forget to breath. Romantic style, thin cut, add a bow belt dotting the perfect ratio, the dress looks very thin and graceful and romantic.

summer clothes matching,beautiful comfortable and convenient

It’s a good time for bike riding in summer. Girls who love beauty need beautiful comfortable and convenient outfits. Today our editor will show you how European and American fashion little girls match their clothes.

Shorts is the most convenient attire absolutely, matching a white shirt with a jeans shorts reveal relaxation and elegance. The big black glasses are really fashion.

Nude chiffon skirt is elegance, and it’s long enough to make sure girls won’t upskirts and exposed. Don’t forget choose pair of comfortable sandals.

The blue jean short is cool and the pure white t-shirt is usual. If you love black, you can wearing some black accessories. The black sock is perfect. The black glasses and black bag are both classic.

Stripe is popular in this year. Shrink waist shorts made girls look slimmer.

Overalls is beautiful and convenient. Wrinkled waist conceal bump underbelly, shrink leg show your good finger.

Flower print empire waist is suitable for her. The necklace bring a sense of mature.

Temptation of Beautiful legs from Stars Wearing Shorts

On a hot summer day, wearing denim shorts are not only cool, but convenient. In the eyes of stars, seemingly simple and casual denim shorts hide a lot of their inventive minds. Now let’s appreciate how stars wear fashion.

Eva Longoria is sexy and seductive in daily life; seemingly simple pairs have many skills. Sapphire fluorescent nail polish, nude heels, bag and shirt match perfectly; it is no doubt that vintage denim shorts are highlighted.

She without make up, called “national idol”, is still sexy, black-white strip pairs with denim shorts. If you have sexy and charming legs, you may roll up a trouser leg like her, which will make you look more charming. It is sure you have to a pairs of nude heels!

She has been 12 times as cover girl playboy, her popularity that we must know, wild beauty, Pamela Anderson wears a black bandeau with bold “米” and sexy patterns and vintage denim shorts with a reflecting her seductive and wild triangle.

Wearing classic wide black-white strip looks slimmer, Low waist hot pants is a good choice, which is sexy.

Gisele’s black denim shorts pairs with hot pants, which is full of vogue, thin belt reflects Gisele’s slim figure.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Lovely T-shirts,show your summer passion

T-shirt is one of the most fashion single product in this summer.It not only beautiful but also very cool , so it's a wise choice to wear T-shirt for such hot days .Here are several nice T-shirts the editor rerecommended to you ,Hi girls,choice out which type is your favorite ?

Two pieces style ,really simple to show out women’s sexy , with pure color to express your taste, is very suitable for going shopping.

White color with simple design ,looks very pure and fresh.The cuffs lace is completely the bright spot .

This style can’t be missed ,blue and white stripes is very natural ,which is full of vigor. The tender yellow in place of the cuffs adding a good whole atmosphere.

The lovely little stars on the dress is so relaxed, you can feel a atmosphere of youth personality . and the green belt shows the lovely to the top .

The hook flower on the neckline is special ,very classical and very sweet .

This irregular hem sleeveless T-shirt is so fresh and cool, with the simple words printing on the shirt. This T-shirt can match with lots of clothes , Strongly recommended !
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pink color, printing your pink world, like kate princess

In this romantic season, pink is undoubtedly the best explanation of sweet and happiness. It can well reflect girls’ pretty, gentle and vigor. The passion and energy of this summer combine with the romantic pink, unfolding a wave of sweet agitation.

Do you know kate princess? She likes pink dress, too. Look:
No matter the usual dress is recreational neutral or rock of cool, we have to admit, there’s a pink dream in each girl’s heart .In their dreams, they are the princess, fantasying that they are wearing a long pink dress, the skirt waving, live in beautiful fairy tales. Today let’s make that dream come true. OK, we can appreciate the girls how to deduce beautiful pink world.

Pink can makes your endocrine system more active, serves to prevent aging role, even the surprise effect of rejuvenation.

If you are office lady, just like to wear cool color, such as white, black etc, and disgust pink, maybe it is hard for you to let people feel that you are friendly to get along with. So try to pick up the pink clothes, it will makes you get more affinity.

Do you want be a sweet girl? now, don’t hesitate ,adding several pink clothes to you chest.
And we’d like to show you some kinds of pink dresses.

Where you can buy pink clothes not only considerable in price, but also beautiful in appearance.