Friday, 15 July 2011

Fashion cycle,polka dots back to fashion world again

Some people said that fashion is always a decade cycle of games. When hot wave of a decade ago ---- polka dots and re-stripe elements, back to fashion world again, the strong feel of visual it brought make the Fashionable people immediately fall in love with the retro polka dots dress.

Lovely sweet dresses are every girl’s essential goods, especially in hot summer, put on a pretty dress will get good mood. The most attractive part of the dress is layered flounced decoration before the chest, which made the dress exudes sweet and grace .What’s more, dots pattern made the dress very nifty, as lovely as clouds in sky. The design of elastic at cuffs is elaborate.

Suggestion for collocation: One-piece dress, rich in style, dots pattern, pastel-colored, not need too much accessories, just take a delicate necklace or bracelet.
Suitable groups: green is more suitable for summer, fresh and clean, bright and soft. But green is not appropriate for everyone but for fair-skinned beauty.

Simple design, and popular polka dots made the dress more fashionable. Bowknot in front of chest optimized the chest’ line, meanwhile revealed elegant and generous. The design of gallus demonstrated beauty’s charming clavicles and slender neck, full of elegant and sexy temperament.

Suggestion for collocation: wear white pearls necklace, put on white or silver high heels, take red or black leather bag can be dressed as beautiful as model.
Suitable groups: white with gray without limitation of beauty’s color of skin.Suitable occasions: dating, shopping, work, etc.

Fashionable dress, has delicate black lotus leaf collar, slap-up thick cotton texture, very stylish. The element of polka dots made the dress more fashionable and lovely.

Suggestion for collocation: T-shirts and lotus sleeve shirts are good choices for collocation. Dress dark cloth looks very slim.
groups: Slim style, the design of Waist section made your waist looks more thinner, and if you have little stomach, you still need not worry about it. There is no limit on the hip, can be well to lengthen your leg line.
Suitable occasions: The greatest feature of this dress is appropriate for different occasions.

Straps on both sides and flounced and studded with lace made the dress sweet and graceful. No zipper, waist has elastic, which can be stretched. The color of black seems more slim actually. Black dress with white dots is very popular at the moment.

Suggestion for collocation: high-heeled sandals can be captured the hearts of all people, it is suitable with a hat.
Suitable groups: this Jumpsuits is appropriate for all people, whatever your skin color is black or fair, your stature is hot or out of shape , this piece of pant gives you 100% confidence.
Suitable occasions: practical dress, work, appointments, leisure.

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