Saturday, 16 July 2011

Five cents trousers , most suitable in July

Short skirt, small hot pants is very popular, but it is not convenient,; Jeans, pencil pants can modify legs, but in this hot summer it's not suitable because of the high temperature.In comparison, Five cents trousers at this time is more suitable,it not only can hide the fat , but also is very comfortable and relaxed.

The efficacy of umbellate five cents trousers is equal to the A word skirt ,it can spin on the vision of Stretching the legs. Fine case grain printing keep up with the tide restoring ancient ways.

Hilton also fell in love with the comfortable five cents trousers, of course, it's still on her pink style.

Tall waist white five cents trousers, is successful to show beautiful S curve. Big collarband show charming collarbone,and it still can make your face looks more exquisite.

When go to the seaside beach, five cents trousers is a good choice.

Neutral wind has become more and more popular, men's wear fashionable upgraded for women. The big sport T-shirt can increase a bright and clear temperament for the girls, adding more vitality.

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