Friday, 15 July 2011

transparent gauze skirt, cool your summer

Since when , "transparent gauze" become a fixed exclusive nouns, it becomes the newly fashion favor in this summer .All kinds of novel material make the transparent world more rich and more interesting.No matter in T stage festival or the streets and lanes, the star tide people have to prepare a transparent department regalia, in this summer, cool and sexy is the key, let's see, street fashionable people how to put the transparent on the body !

This is really a beautiful and moving dress, naked lubricious gauze,Embroidery distribution in the upper body and the skirt tail.Transparent gauze makes the legs so sexy.

This transparent gauze shirtwaist , is so simple even like a mermaid princess, elegant bud silk skirt to foil legs beauty, clipping optional lightsome, tie-in style also can be changed a lot , Black lingerie or render skirt inside are both very good.

Elegant skirt on the street is very attractive,this blue transparent qualitative silk skirt is cool and modern, and the hand knotted big pack adds rural home elements for the whole.

Black gauze long dress, you can choose such material for this summer, not too hot and you can wear black upper body.

Blue skirt match with orange plunge plait skirt , this matching clever combined with two skirts, and the colors also hit very beautiful.

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