Friday, 29 July 2011

The actress of "Transformers 3" red carpet show

The film crew of the movie "Transformers 3: Dark of the moon"shuttling in New York,London, Berlin, Moscow back and forth, the heroine who played as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also became the most attractive heroine on the first run. This "transformer girl" is the supermodel from Victoria's secret , now let's enjoy some gorgeous dress her present on the screen.

The premiere of "Transformers 3" in Moscow, Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearing Gucci one shoulder dress appearanced.

The premiere of "Transformers 3" in New York,Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing "Antonio Berardi" formal dress .

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing "Burberry" formal dress attended the premiere of "Transformers 3" in London.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearing Burberry Prorsum whithe dress left Morton’s Club.

Simple contract style is Roise's favorite,so Michael Kors,which is famous of brief ,practical in New York is really the best choice.this is her attending the Rio De Janeiro presentation for the "Transformers 3" .

Rosie wearing leopard dress of Dolce & Gabbana shown on the the MTV movie awards ceremony.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley choice Burberry Prorsum's formal dress attending the 2011 Costume Institute Gala.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sweet bowknot,beauty your summer

Almost every girl has a common interest --bowknot, are you a real bowknot control?The element of bowknot is more and more popular in this year, how can you have a less pretending sweet single product? The diversity of processing of the bowknot,can clearly reveal the difference of fashionable feeling . Today i'd like to bring you a lot of bowknot items,having a look please!
Such kind of lady bag is absolutely temperament,it can show your relaxed mood well.

Fashion is like a butterfly, short but brilliant, with unique classical sea stripe design is suitable for the beautiful seasons.the personalized design can real show your lovely and beauty.

Wave point elements perfectly combined withsilk bowknot.

Delicate flash pieces of party handbag

Delicate version, contracted edge little lapel, foil a delicate face. Each small clasp, strict closed, rise to adorn action!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

About Facial Treatment Mask

Facial Treatment Mask is an essential must-have for many girls, especially for the girls who living in the dry climate, when the winter is coming, they will have a lot of trouble. Accidentally face will be lack of water, taut skin, or the skin is filled with oil! Therefore, two to three times in one week (It is the frequency of mine, other girls can do it according to your own conditions) Moisturizing Mask is absolutely essential to my life. Because of my acne skin, not white skin, I spent a lot of money on the mask.
Now, I write something to sum up my impression of several masks which I have deeper feelings in them, hope it can help the girls who have similar skin.
You should clean your skin before you use the Facial Treatment Mask.

Here is the steps:

2. Please don’t let the mask stay on your skin too long time, usually about 15-20minutes is enough, if you don’t move it from your face until it is dry, the moisture will evaporate, then what you do has no sense.

3. Applying cream to seal in moisture after you apply the facial moisturizing mask, then you facial skin can be arrived the lasting moisturizing effect.

4. you should apply the Facial Treatment Mask when your skin is moist, then it will has a good effect on the absorption of moisture. After you take off the Facial Treatment Mask, needn’t to wash you face again, just tap to promote the absorption of essential ingredients, then gently wipe with a cotton pad, then use night cream on it.

5. Apply the whitening lotion after you take off the whitening mask, it can make you face become more white than before.

Sometime, I will do the Facial Treatment Mask by myself, actually, it is easy.
You can prepare some yoghourt, some honey, then mix them, after preparation, just apply the mixture to your face, 10-15 minutes later, clean your face by damp and hot towel.
If your skin is dry, you should use more honey; if you skin is oily, you can put some lemon juice to the mixture.

Trust yourself, and treat your skin better, you will be the beautiful girl.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to wear pencil pants

Bright and eye-catching pencil pants have been a fashion trend for a while. However, for its bold and shining features few people dare to wear them out. It’s true that pencil pants have its own matching style, so as long as you know the code of it, you will get a surprising fashion.
Now, follow me. Let’s find the code of pencil pants matching style.

Enchanting purple pencil pants clashing against Turquoise green floral shirt are perfectly matched by the black vest and accessories. And the emerald ring on index finger is the key to the whole match.

Holes on the long loose cotton white shirt show your characteristic, if you don’t want to be so bold, a common shirt is fine, which is matched with the red pencil pants and caramel open-toed wedge, you must wanna have a try!

It’s really a little hard to match the pink pencil pants. But Rachel Bilson made it. A pure white tank vest and a pair of non-shoelace canvas shoes brings a vernal fashion style.

Golden yellow is absolutely hot! When matched with chic vest and nude color accessories, it gotta light a fashion fire!

Simple and neat style brings you strong temperament from inside. Old cotton vest and brown accessories matching with blue pencil pants shows your deliberation and confidence.

Leopard pencil pants are easier than the ones above. Dark color accessories can match it perfectly. You can easily become a fashion on the street. Don’t hesitate any anymore. Let’s step into the fashion world.

The beautiful handbags for shopping in July

When the hot July makes us dress less and less,should our bags be more light and easy at the same time ? That's right, hand bag, not only should figure out street light, but also modern and fashion is still the key! Look at these people how to show their handbags.

The hollow fluorescent green handbag is absolutely beautiful, although it is simple style, the bright color immediately outstanding,it's very suitable for this hot July.

The design of snakeskin lines handbag is qualitative, cream-colored decorative with black lines of skin color gives a kind of comfortable bouncing feeling.

So many kinds of handbags, which one do you like best ?

This bag should be thin shoulder satchel,it is very natural and unrestrained, the beautiful snow spins long skirt and complicated bracelet matches with bag very well.

This handbag is small and chic, metal buckle is very delicate fastidious.

Fluorescent color skirt match with restore ancient bag very well ,which makes the bag more delicate.

Beautiful pink adds a window for this bag, the dress and skirt collocation also very suitable, simple folding design let bag can match various style of dress.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Modern straw hat, preventing us from from the sun

In this hot summer, fashion people all use their straw hats to dress them up, the hats combine with the trend elements, the beach style,and androgynous style ,not only useful but also fashion! Now let’s enjoy several types

Filled with holiday wind ,round edge straw hat with small shirtwaist, broadly leg pants, you also can wear a pair of cool sunglasses.

Lady stylish rider wide brim falbala hat also can match the leisure handsome clothes, and a top hat immediately charming! Black pleated skirt, brown hole tie-in black sweater top hat, quite a rock and roll wind flavor

Wide brim straw can match with shoulder-straps, feel pinch sandals, straw bags, fully reflects the leisure vacation feeling. Note that the coordination of the design and color.

Woven straw hat, is the most suitable when being outside for a long time, it can keep out sunshine ,at the same time it also can add a few of mystery.

Fashionable circle near the top hat, the material of hale type is quite a neutral style, tie-in beautiful skirt, is tall and enchanting, sharp personality!

Easy Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Wardrobe

1. Grab a Bright Bag
Neutral wardrobe staples get an effortless spring update thanks to bright arm candy, as shown on the runway at Burberry. Look for a structured bag with refined hardware, which projects polish and panache.

2. Sport a Pair of Eye-Catching Shades Make a chic statement with sunglasses in jewel-tone shades, like purple, blueberry, or orange (inspired by the punchy options seen on Prada's spring runway). Avoid looking clownish by choosing classic frames that are in proportion to your face oversize.

3. Let a Bold Bra Peak Out This season, you'll want your bra to show through. Layer it under a flowy, sheer top, like the ladylike-with-a-twist looks at Proenza Schouler's spring show. Try a full-coverage style in a cheerful (read: not overtly sexy) color, like neon lemon or royal blue.

4. Get Noticed in Candy-Colored Sandals The perfect companion to wide-leg pants, ankle-length skinnies or flowing skirts, pop-bright sandals complement this season's minimalist and white-on-white trends (as seen at the Dries Van Noten show). Tip: These shoes will draw attention downward, so make sure toes are neatly polished with a pretty neutral shade.

5. Throw on a Vibrant Watch Crayon-colored tickers, like the chunky styles shown at Balenciaga's spring collection, add a burst of energy to standard workday ensembles and perk up your weekend jeans-and-tee uniform. And it can work for day or night: Dress it up with a stack of bangles (just make sure the bracelets' metal matches the tone of the hardware on your timepiece) for evening.