Wednesday, 27 July 2011

About Facial Treatment Mask

Facial Treatment Mask is an essential must-have for many girls, especially for the girls who living in the dry climate, when the winter is coming, they will have a lot of trouble. Accidentally face will be lack of water, taut skin, or the skin is filled with oil! Therefore, two to three times in one week (It is the frequency of mine, other girls can do it according to your own conditions) Moisturizing Mask is absolutely essential to my life. Because of my acne skin, not white skin, I spent a lot of money on the mask.
Now, I write something to sum up my impression of several masks which I have deeper feelings in them, hope it can help the girls who have similar skin.
You should clean your skin before you use the Facial Treatment Mask.

Here is the steps:

2. Please don’t let the mask stay on your skin too long time, usually about 15-20minutes is enough, if you don’t move it from your face until it is dry, the moisture will evaporate, then what you do has no sense.

3. Applying cream to seal in moisture after you apply the facial moisturizing mask, then you facial skin can be arrived the lasting moisturizing effect.

4. you should apply the Facial Treatment Mask when your skin is moist, then it will has a good effect on the absorption of moisture. After you take off the Facial Treatment Mask, needn’t to wash you face again, just tap to promote the absorption of essential ingredients, then gently wipe with a cotton pad, then use night cream on it.

5. Apply the whitening lotion after you take off the whitening mask, it can make you face become more white than before.

Sometime, I will do the Facial Treatment Mask by myself, actually, it is easy.
You can prepare some yoghourt, some honey, then mix them, after preparation, just apply the mixture to your face, 10-15 minutes later, clean your face by damp and hot towel.
If your skin is dry, you should use more honey; if you skin is oily, you can put some lemon juice to the mixture.

Trust yourself, and treat your skin better, you will be the beautiful girl.

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