Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to wear pencil pants

Bright and eye-catching pencil pants have been a fashion trend for a while. However, for its bold and shining features few people dare to wear them out. It’s true that pencil pants have its own matching style, so as long as you know the code of it, you will get a surprising fashion.
Now, follow me. Let’s find the code of pencil pants matching style.

Enchanting purple pencil pants clashing against Turquoise green floral shirt are perfectly matched by the black vest and accessories. And the emerald ring on index finger is the key to the whole match.

Holes on the long loose cotton white shirt show your characteristic, if you don’t want to be so bold, a common shirt is fine, which is matched with the red pencil pants and caramel open-toed wedge, you must wanna have a try!

It’s really a little hard to match the pink pencil pants. But Rachel Bilson made it. A pure white tank vest and a pair of non-shoelace canvas shoes brings a vernal fashion style.

Golden yellow is absolutely hot! When matched with chic vest and nude color accessories, it gotta light a fashion fire!

Simple and neat style brings you strong temperament from inside. Old cotton vest and brown accessories matching with blue pencil pants shows your deliberation and confidence.

Leopard pencil pants are easier than the ones above. Dark color accessories can match it perfectly. You can easily become a fashion on the street. Don’t hesitate any anymore. Let’s step into the fashion world.

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  1. Now a day, colored-pants are much fashionable. I have also collect juts like those pants. Thanks for sharing this and I am hoping that you will be posting again more on your fashionable clothes collection.