Friday, 19 August 2011

Temperament shirt , nice collocation

In the last of this summer,morning and evening has a big difference in temperature . Are you confused about how to dress up yourself is appropriate?Now,i'd like to give you several advices,choosing temperament shirt ,change dress proper for the season.

Red and white vertical striped loose shirt in simply design,which is really concise and brief.Suitable in office hour or dating.

White shirt is the most classical shirt, joker and adapt to most occasions. Two pocket design breakthrough depressing, real silk texture apeak clarity.

Nude loose and comfortable shirt is the popular item this year.Real silk texture and contracted design style, this highlights joker style let you fondle admiringly!

Very special design,concise and loose style is so popular,do you want such a nice shirt ?

The turquoise plaid shirt, the concise grid shirt is always loved bey girls and a lot of men.everyone should get one in your wardrobe,right?

Summer Hair Forecast

Beat the heat! We’ve got weather-ready styles for every temperature

Forecast: Warm
A sleek hairstyle like Beyoncé’s is stunning—but won’t always survive the great outdoors. To avoid looking like a sweaty, frizzy mess, save this ’do for a day when it’s comfortably warm with a slight breeze and no chance of rain.

Forecast: Warm Unless the heat is stifling—which it isn’t—you should embrace your tresses! Save the high-bun for steamier temps and try a sexy yet practical half-updo like Jessica Alba’s for an evening out (Alba wore the style to a recent dinner party).

Forecast: Warm Blake Lively’s cascading locks are hot in more ways than one. If you have a thick mane too, push it to the side and let your neck breathe. Throw in some fishtail braids and you’re red-carpet ready!

Forecast: Warm
Beach waves are always en vogue for summer—and the more texture they have, the better (so if frizz strikes, don’t fret). Nicole Richie pulls off the trend perfectly.

Forecast: Hot Straight, bluntly cut bangs are in, but sweaty bangs aren’t. To avoid the stuck-to-the-forehead look, opt for sparse fringe like Zoë Kravitz’s.

Forecast: Boiling In the midst of a heat wave? Take it off! Alexa Chung proves a short chin-length bob can be superstylish. The best part: If you go for a textured, delightfully untamed look like hers, you can relinquish control of your tresses.

Forecast: Boiling
Is stepping outside your air-conditioned home like entering the Wild West? Do as Cowboys & Aliens actress Olivia Wilde did, and go for a high-pony. Incorporating volume at the crown catapults the look from the gym to the red carpet.

Forecast: Boiling
Whitney Port takes her high-pony a step further and turns it into a bun. A few bobby pins, and you can be ballet-chic too!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hollywood’s go-to hairstylists reveal the best short ’dos for every face type

It doesn’t take a shear genius to see why short hair is trendy for summer; besides being lighter and cooler, it’s also great for fuss-free styling.
True Blood’s Evan Rachael Wood is the latest celebrity to chop her locks—but is her hairstyle right for you? Here, Hollywood hair gurus Ted Gibson (Brooklyn Decker, Anne Hathaway) and Adam Campbell (Kate Hudson, Scarlett Johansson) take the guesswork out of going short and reveal surefire ways to make the cut.

Face Type: Square Jaw
To offset Brooklyn Decker’s strong jaw line, Gibson gave her a soft, textured bob. “I also created graduated layers and made the cut a little longer in the front,” he adds. “You want hair in the front to be below the jaw so that it doesn’t draw the eye to that area of the face.”

Face Type: High
Heart-Shaped “If you have a sharper chin, I wouldn’t take the hair too short,” says Gibson. “I don’t think you should go any shorter than the chin,” agrees Campbell. “You might also follow Reese Witherspoon’s lead and add soft bangs—she looks great with them.”

Face Type: Round
According to Gibson, sleek, angular short cuts are best for a round face (think an asymmetrical bob or a pixie with side-swept bangs). “A rounder face tends to have less shape to it—while straight hair will lengthen, angles in the haircut will add shape and symmetry,” he says.
Don’t confuse straightness with flatness, though; hair should still have volume. Michelle Williams’ pixie is flattering because “the fullness is kept at her crown and above her ears,” says Campbell.

Face Type: Long Neck
Want to flaunt your long, gorgeous neck? Go with a pixie. For balance, however, Gibson says to try a lengthier bob like Anne Hathaway’s (“bobs that are cut above the chin can look weird with a long neck”). He also styled Hathaway's strands straight and blunt: “Annie has big, beautiful eyes and a softer complexion—I gave her haircut angles to bring strength to her face.”

Face Type: Oval
You might be blessed with an oval face, but that doesn’t mean you have to go supershort just because you can. “Shorter pixies require a cut every four to six weeks,” says Campbell. “If you don’t have the time or money, I’d go longer like Sienna Miller did—a style like hers doesn’t require as many salon visits to maintain and you can get away with one to two bang trims in between full-on cuts.”

Face Type: Any
Personality Type: Bold
Those who want to attain this Cleopatra-inspired look using their own hair—regardless of whether they have the optimal oval face shape—should be aware of the styling it requires. “It’s a fun, edgy hairdo but it requires plenty of bang trims and flatironing,” says Campbell. “To minimize damage and maximize sleekness, be sure to use a thermal protectant.”
Actress Krysten Ritter pulls off the blunt cut with panache.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Chopard Takes Cannes

Chopard Bejewels the French Riviera with its latest collection of jewels... and shoes!let's enjoy them,and tell me which do you like best!

Alexa Chung in Chopard's Red Carpet Collection Brown and Yellow Diamond Pendant

Anja Rubik in Chopard and Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Encrusted Stilettos and Chopard Pink Sapphire Earrings

Anja Rubik in Chopard Diamond Bracelet and Diamond Earrings

Bar Rafaeli in Chopard Diamond Earrings and Diamond Rings

Eva Herzigova in Chopard Diamond Watch, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Rings and Diamond Earrings

Jane Fonda in Chopard Blue Sapphire Pendant

Julia Saner in Chopard Diamond Necklace and Emerald Ring

Uma Thurman in Chopard Diamond Necklace and Jude Law in Chopard L.U.C XP Watch