Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rainy day, You can also enjoy our dressing

Sisters, are you still vexed about what to wear in the season of rain ?

Pls look at our Stylista matching in rainy day!

Part I:Rain Boot

Do you also wear the antiquated rain boots? Come on.! You are out now.

It's time to change them. Lovely? Sexy? Any other strange but nice styles, you should try .

Nowadays, lovely rain boots is popular than any other styles. The colour of profusion, lovely design, bring the gift of rain.
Someone may say: Hi, beauty, you bring the fresh colors to us in a rainy day.

The colour of profusion brings not only the visual enjoyment, but also the other change of your collocation.

Part II Slippers

Summer is a season of sandals, no matter the rainy day or sunny day, girls can wear lovely, or sexy style at any time !!!!!

In the Sunny day, the weather may be very hot. At that moment , slippers are absolutely the best choices of girls .
Comfortable feeling is the true feeling of summer.

Anyway, I think slipper is everything in summer. XD


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