Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We are where we live, review, Norway beauty

When we see handsome boys and beauties wearing fashion clothing, and appearing extraordinary temperament, we will appreciate them. However, if this will generate our pursuit to fashion? Right! Because we are also young!
This blogger really shocked us, she is a 23-year-old girl from Norway. And she is not only beautiful, and full of star flair. But these are all not that important, there was a saying: we are where we live. Norway is a good place! The grassland is so green, the sky is so blue, the lake is so clear. Wait, what’s in my mind now? I wanna ask how do you like our website? Do you like China? Our country don’t have such a beautiful environment. Because the world’s factories are located here, made in the world is made in China.

If you are from some corner of the world, your hometown has the unique and beautiful scenery, you could take a photo of yourself in front of a beautiful background and email to us, attach your personal information. The email address is We will post your pictures on our official blog, so that all WD fans could see. My favourite place is here, there, and there……

Look at this fashion blogger. Click Here

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