Thursday, 30 June 2011

The season of bikini is coming now!!!

Ladies, don't you think you need a new fashion bikini?
Now let us enjoy the newest fashion trend of bikini! XD

The falbala is popular in everywhere, but bikini shows this fashion trend fully . Falbala drape and rows of design show the effect of breast enhancement . And it 's attractive by using the most enchanting attitude to all people.

The sport style of bikini add the lively stripe in this season of bikini. For the thin ladies, it's not only practical, but also elegant. When you are perfecting your chest type , you are slao enjoying the splashing fun.

The monochrome mix is one of the best and most stable fashion trend, it's attractive because of the visual shock and the complementary color. And according to the fashion trend of this season, sexy and avant-garde style will fascinate more people . And the sexy avant-garde is worth trying, you will become a scenery line of the beach.

A stereoscopic cake style bikini can through the "head fake" to make your bosom look more plentiful. if you wanner get the significant effect , you can choose the style of bright color.

Printed swimwear is a very popular style in this year. It involves dress, high waist shorts, chiffon, now it also relate to bikini. Multicolored printed bikini gives us al tropical amorous. What's more? Low waist designs of swimming trunks will show your sexy and charm fully .

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