Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Street snapshots: Who is the color matching expert?

Street snapshots: Who is the color matching expert?

Just right for the purpose that’s the idea state of color matching we seeking for. Brilliant color is good, but we can’t only wear the brilliant color clothing. To show our fashion and learn how to matching color, let’s take a street snapshot.

1, Brightly colorful stripe vest matching fashion profession narrow black short skirt reveal fashion and individuality. Special necklace; big black glasses; simple style black pumps and green nail make others feel fashion is everywhere.

2, Navy style blue and white stripe skirt looks a little neuter, but a pair of red step-in shoes breaks the neuter style and showing the fashion style. Detail is the key of success. Don’t ignore the painted red nail.

3, Gorgeous flower print dress matching bright yellow T-shirt showing vivid and young. Lace-up comfortable cowhide lady’s flat is retro and a little rural.

4,Matching two opposite color together and mixing white that refresh and comfortable. Orange belt make the long dress looks noble. The maxi dress matching white suit reveals the star temperament.

5,If you thought red matching green is unfashionable, you are behind the times. This girl wearing red shoes and green short dress, but matching with classic black coat and white vest that’s just right.

6,Colorful isn’t mean beautiful. Classic white and black clothing matching a simple style blue pump, will help you became fashion and more confident.

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