Friday, 24 June 2011

You can’t miss a white T-Shirt like these in you armoire

You can’t miss a white T-Shirt like these in you armoire

White always brings us the feeling of pure and fresh. In burning hot summer, white T-shirt are undoubtedly a favorite of beauties to show cool and refreshing feel. But some fashion lovers may say white t-shirt is too common to be fashionable. Here, the editor will introduce you four chic white t-shirts, which you can’t miss in you armoire for this summer.

Sexy Off Shoulder Bowknot Printing White T-Shirt
A big bowknot in the middle of the shirt is simple, elegant but with naughty feelings. Sexy off shoulder design not only breaks tedium, diffuses out irresistible fashion smell, but also better reveals your charming shoulder line. Team it with a light color shorts can be a good choice for dating or shopping.

Nifty Long Rainbow Cotton Pattern White T-Shirt
Lovely rainbow along the neckline is childish hand scrawled, cute square pocket looks like kangaroo’s, and long loose style reveals cool and casual feelings. All of these make this t-shirt so unique and faddish. Wear a halter black vest under it, and pair a patterned pencil pant for nifty feel.

Cute Bunny Printed Feather Embellished Cotton White T-shirt
Bunny print is so common, but this one is out of cocoon for the bunny ears’ design. One of the bunny ears likes a wing; the other is embellished with pink feather, which makes the whole prints alive. The lace sleeves bring more sweet feelings. Pair it with floral high waist shorts, how cute it is!

Charming Girl Pattern Chest Cotton Loose White T-Shirt
Charming girl pattern with pink lace flower decorated diffuses out sweet smell. Chic puff sleeve design enhances the lovely style of this shirt. Comb hair like the girl in the pattern, and dress up a light blue middle pant, let’s be a lovely fashion girl this summer!

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