Thursday, 25 August 2011

3 Tips for Selecting A Suitable Wedding Dress

Hi, everyone, I think all of you know that kate princess have married to William prince, do you like the wedding dress she wear in her wedding?

Today i will tell you some tips about how to select a suitable wedding dress.

1. The selecting of wedding dress design

In the moment of happiest in your whole life, everyone wants to show her beauty and keep it forever, however, how to select a suitable wedding dress, it is a common problem to many brides. If you want to select a good wedding dress, the most important factor is the style of the wedding dress, whether it can fit your figure very well or not, whether it can show your character and personality or not.

2. The selecting of wedding dress color

The bride need to wear white wedding dress, white veil, matching white shoes, this custom comes from the times of Queen Victoria. White stands for happy, holy and loyal, so the woman who married again cant wear white wedding dress, therefore, wedding dress is so popular and become many people’s favorite from all over the world.

But now, the color of wedding dress is not only white, but also other colors, such as ivory, botticino, red, pink, yellow and so on. People like the wedding dress dotted with other colors.

3. Other factors

If you want to buy a cheap wedding dress, online shop is a good source, the wedding dress sells online is more cheaper than same dress sells on the store. Now many online shop provide custom size, you can tell them your own size, then the wedding dress will be made in your size, of course, it will fit your figure.

But as far as I know, making wedding dress need a long time, if you buy it from website which is not in your country, then delivery will spends some days, too. So you’d better make order two month

before your wedding ceremony. Early is better than late.

Wedding is the most important time in our whole life, I hope every female can show her beauty in the wedding.

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