Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Popular of high-waist culottes have a good body

The temperature is rising, so girls are beginning to go outside with shorts. Do you feel inconvenience when you go out with skirt? So why not trying to wear culottes? It is soft and elegant like the skirt and also can avoid expose. Show you five kinds of divided skirt, which can make you go out with shorts easily and catch others’ eyes.

High waist bowknot culottes
Streamlined design and comfortable texture give us a fresh sense of water, bowknot added lovely and soft to you. If mixed with the lace flounced chiffon shirt, it will make you fresh and sweet. The girls in work must like it very much

Sweet Dot Culottes
Loose and high-waist culottes can make you like generous and gentlewomanly. High-waist can make girls slimmer. So petite girls can have a try, it can make your body more perfect.

Simple solid color culottes
Loose and comfortable culottes can make you elegant as wearing a skirt and also capable as wearing a short. The comfortable fabric gives you a fresh feeling. If mixed with a solid color shirt, it can make you more elegant. It is very suitable to wear when you interviewed.

Striped casual culottes
Elegant hem and red stripes can show the girl's sweet. If mixed with solid color shirt, it can make you fresh. Some simple accessories can show Korean style.

Solid-color ladies culottes
The pattern of culottes highlights your elegance. The pink high-waist design can optimize your body proportions. It can be mixed with all kinds of T-shirt.

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  1. I really like culottes, they can match with most T-shirts