Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cheap summer fashion clothing on reviews

What to wear in the hot summer? That is the heated topic among girls and women. Modern ladies are especially critical of clothes' fabric, color and style. Especially in the summer, how to cover the figure defects, or not to expose too much, it is a valuable topic. However, summer is the best show time for beautiful girls who own a good figure. Pursuing fashion is every woman's hobby. And women are always not logical, in order to dress up themselves, they always spend a lot of money.

Today we recommend several summer fashion clothing from different colors for you.

1. Referring to orange color, what first comes into our mind, orange? mango? pineapple? Orange color is the candy color, in the hot summer air, the orange color in front of your eyes, may suddenly lighten your passion. However, the orange color is not like red color which looks aggressive, and red color makes people feel a little bit afraid. And the orange color gives people an energetic feeling. Yes! You may think of the Netherland football national team. This Pleated Chiffon Orange Dress, collocate the light color T-shirt, you are the charming scenery in the summer.

2. Army green is many clothes' color, this Off Shoulder Army Green Dress gives people a fresh feeling. You may smell the forest's flavor in the hot summer.

3. Gray T-shirt, it may not cause too much attention, but it is easiest to collocate. Because gray color could collocate deep or light color pants. This Light Grey Vests collocate the denim jeans gives people a relaxing feeling. And it is also vivid and active when referring its style design.


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