Monday, 9 July 2012 review: Fast Fashion

Fashion changes quickly, nobody wants to wear a clothes for a long time. Although she herself feels fresh, others will feel bored. So, fast fashion pursuit has become an awareness of modern urbanite. In fashion industry, people will surely chase the top brands. But for us, these may be too luxury based on our salary. Buying one or two clothes cost dozens, or one to two hundred dollars would just be ok for our salary capacity. But if buying five, six pieces, or seven, eight pieces, even those beauties who will wear a different fashion clothing almost everyday, these luxury outfits are really a big challenge for their financial capacity.

Fast fashion, maybe we could define like this: I wear a beautiful fashion clothing for one or two months, and then I don’t want it, I got tired of it, even though I can throw it. I got my purpose that I was beautiful and I attracted attentions when I was wearing that clothes then.

We are trying to build the Global Cheapest Fashion Clothing Mall. Cheap, many bloggers wrote their shopping reviews of, and this word is frequently appearing in their reviews. Now we have built warehouses in three cities of three countries. And later, we will build more warehouses in more countries, which will create bigger advantages for shipping.

This fashion blogger’s shopping experience on our website is relatively true and detailed. If you have some doubts of, you could have a look at her review. Maybe after you have read her review, you will also choose to give up shopping on However, at least we could provide true information for you as much as possible. And we are humble to hear the true response from you, which will urge us to make changes and progresses.

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