Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to Make a Banner

Just change our banner in this blog! Do you like it?? I just love this new banner! we have several versions, but eventually we picked this one! It's great, right? I put three banners here~which one do you ❤! Tell me!Or you could also comment with the one that you ❤!

It's so hard not to notice the banner of someone's blog,once you click into a blog, there is the giant banner in front of you. It's generally the graphic at the top of the website,displaying the loge,the name of the company while it comes to a commercial blog. I gotta say that the banner is the favorite part of the website,its informative,attractive and inviting!

Making a web banner is as easy as it is fun. So there is NO need to worry about. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have no problem.

You will have to:

  • Visit one of the following websites.,,etc.There are plenty websites if you Google for it. There is a large number of different online banner-makers. You could pick the one that suits your web best just in few minutes.
  • Add your text and images. Follow the methods to build your banner. Normally you can use their own artwork but you could also add your own creation to the banner.In one word, you could edit their banner for your own good.
  • Generate your banner. When you have finished the banner, you could use the export function which will let you specify which folder or directory you want to save to. 

Follow the instructions, you will be just fine~

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