Monday, 8 August 2011

Absolutely beautiful wedding cakes

The wedding cake decoration is the reflection of new couple's taste , the individual cakes can make you don't have the heart to eat i'd like to share some beautiful wedding cakes!

Bright orange,active and lively
Orange flower is the ornament for cake's artistic ,the bright modern style,is often used in summer wedding,lawn, beach and other lively atmosphere wedding outdoor wedding.

Rich multicolored decorations,so sweet
The white and green laurustinus is not only used to decorate on the cake's top,but also can around in the base of the cake,matching with green candles,making the simple cake be more sweet and romantic.

Elegant purple,noble and low-key
Five layers pure white cake , is full of white delicate flowers, the beautiful purple flowers which can show delicate, luxuriant, gently in the bottom and top ornament, simple but elegant white really can reveal the grace and nobility.

Pink rose ,the beauty of the collision
Concise pure white cake,the beautiful pink rose on the top have a strong visual impaction with the white color. Legend pink rose still represents heaven's eternal love.

Movie fans' true love
I think that anyone who have seen the "WALL·E"all love the cute and kindhearted Wall,right?If we put such cake in the wedding ceremony ,maybe everyone don't have the heart to cut it.

Retro elegant phonograph
Perhaps you just can see it in the museum,when in the moment of cutting cake in the wedding ceremony, using this fancy cake,matching with the love melody,wow,like paradise.

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