Friday, 12 August 2011

Minx Beauty Nail,to be trend focus!

Lady GaGa、Beyonce、Rihanna and other superstar ,most of them all like the fashion beauty nail paster. Do you want to have individuality pattern of nails?Ok,follow these trend superstars and learn how to try such popular nail pasters.Come on !

Minx nail pasters is published by the sisters-- Dawn Lynch Goodwin and Janice Jordan in 2008.

The modelling of Katy's nails is changeable, she is a Minx Nails lover,most designs are character and cartoon modelling.

Martial angels Lady GaGa not only like different style clothes,but also like to make her nails different.purity and metallic texture nail pasters is her preference .

Rihanna's nail pasters with black and white points is also very attractive,matching with big diamond ring,undoubtedly the focus falling on her hands.

Beyonce is also a Minx nail pasters lover,she like to show her beautiful nails and slim fingers when take pictures.

The classic black and white matching also can be used on the nails,striped patterns is still popular,which can bring natural breath,showing the fashion temperament at the same time.

Step 1:Clean your nail surface layer,wet tissue is ok.Don't touch any oil or powdery goods on your nails.

Step 2:Find the right and proper nail pasters from the nail template.

Step 3:Taking down the nail film,aiming at root and pressing it.then cut the surplus nail film using the tools.
The nail pasters can be kept about one month !

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