Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Teen Choice Awards", Top 7 of the most beautiful make up

"Teen Choice Awards"founded in 1999,the teens who voted are the important part of viewing group,so this award gets lots attention from the medium and all fields.And this year's award has been issued now,let's have a look who has got this pride.

TOP 1 :Avril Lavigne 's charming Mascara
Mascara is the symbol of Avril , which is very suitable with her music style, rock vitality. In the make up, Avril outstanding eye makeup ,at the same time, desalting the other facial features color, though the make up is thick, not dazzling, just have a concise and deep temperament .

TOP 2 :Selena Gomez glamour eyes
Selena has a pair of charming eyes, although the facial features are not very big, it looks like the proportion is very good. The eye makeup should pay attention to eyeliner and eyelash, especially the eyelash can make eyes charming and moving.

TOP 3 :Black Lively pink blusher showing sweet
In fact, Black Lively's skin is tend to yellow, with her golden hair, it is easy to give person the feeling of monotonous, but she use this point to make modelling harmonious,using proper blusher and lip make her looking like sunny and charming.

TOP 4:Taylor Swift's blue eye shadow showing pure and fresh
Taylor Swift's skin is white, so many colors all fit her .Of course, high saturation color is best for her. Blue eye shadow itself is very pure and fresh, especially suitable for so long as Taylor eyes girl. Collocation shallow orange labial color is more charming. The blue eye shadow is very pure and fresh,is really suitable for the girls whose eyes are tenuous.

TOP 5 :Ashley Greene retro makeup is full of femininity
Straight hair usually have a interiorize effect,express the beauty more directly. Hair color is very good, and the color of the eyebrows unified coordination, eye makeup with the dark brown, let eyes charming.The orange blusher is special,but not very suitable to her lip color.

TOP 6:Maggie Q 's thick eyeliner is so concise
Maggie Q is an bold woman, her makeup is so concise,no Smoky Eyes,no bright color,just using eyeliner draw the outline of eye shape,the lip color is delicate and full.her brief makeup also can giving audience a deep impression .

TOP 7 :Elizabeth Banks' bright orange color lip
Makeup is concise and easy, which is full of mature female's lasting appeal,this is owe to the lip color,high saturation and bright color makes the whole style perfect,and which is also very suitable to the clothes.The eyes makeup is also charming.

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