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Different type of the bride's wedding dress perfect collocation

It is important to pick a suitable wedding dress,not the same formal dress can suit each person,it due to height ,figure,curve and personal when you pick wedding dress,you'd better Reference the photo leading role who is similar to you,which can make the effect more accurate.

physical characteristic: short stature,Small but graceful
Modified key: the visual spin on body model
YES:"A "character pattern dress
NO: huge hemline

Petite bride give us a feeling of the innocent girl,when picking wedding dress,you must pay special attention to strengthen the slender, most classic choice is tightening the figure A chest marriage gauze, or some high waist design. In addition, if you want tndo spin on the vision body model, you also can choose v-shape waist line of micro low waist designs.
But you should avoid choosing too long, too fluffy large skirt. At the same time, rotator cuff design also should avoid too exaggeration, such as super princess sleeve or big falbala, etc are not appropriate, the French cabinet with short sleeves or a package rotator cuff is more appropriate.

physical characteristic: too thin bone figure
Modified key: increase the size profile modification
YES: princess style cover dress
NO: elegant sexy

Bone feeling beauty is typical of you, in order to avoid too slight feeling, you can try the following methods: choose the style of tie-in chest tightening, princess style design,which can improve too thin feeling. The upper part of the line should be more changeable, avoiding straight line, but you can choose a small collarband design, and collarband compose with lace or silk flowers as the ornament, that is a good choice.
As for those who strengthen the design of the shoulder, can make you look more spirit, such as plus mat keeps, exaggeration hubble-bubble sleeve and falbala, and compose with a lace of long sleeve, the is also very good choice. But try to avoid dew shoulder and low bosom, sexy style.

physical characteristic: plump figure
Modified key: to reshape slim curves
YES: concise and loose design
NO: heavy adornment

Plump figure women makes us feel gentle and lovely, but if you want to give others slim impressionin in the wedding ceremony , you can choose straight concise cut out dress .
The design of waist and skirt should be avoid too heavy and complicated, the most important is to be simple, you can choose a fluffy princess skirt, but should not be too exaggeration design, because too much adornment or big skirt can make a person feel the body is more bloated.On the other hand, you should not choose a highneck style.

physical characteristic: The chest and hip flat, lack of line feeling
Modified key:make body modification more curve and the state
YES: have breast pad of peng skirt
NO: fishtail lap

Although neutral dressed now is very popular, but for a wedding, you still want having more feminine taste ,right? Then you can select the graduated style or with falbala princess type . This style can build full visual effect, especially in the upper part of the design, the best choice with breast pads and superposition of bud silk adornment layer type design, thus high-necked vest can make chest seem more curve.
As for the low back, low bosom design, and close-fitting clipping fishtail skirt , you should avoid these, because tehy will be easier to expose your lack of curve shape; At the same time, the choice of decorations also shoulds not be too big, small adorn some appropriate flowers or lace are best.

Physical characteristic:The waist lack of curve, waistline is too long or too short
Modified key: decreases the waist outline
YES: Greek tall waist
NO: waist fishplate type

Facing imperfect waist line, you need not despair, covering the little faults method is simple . You only need to find a tall waist design of marriage gauze, and will vision on the upper part of the can. With high waist designs the Greek style spins to marriage gauze, match with elegant skirt is placed, help weaken the waist outline, model a fairy sort of sexy impression.
At the same time ,you can match several Mediterranean amorous feelings of decorations.But avoid choosing low waist style, or oval outline of the marriage gauze.

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