Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Do You Love ur Mom?

Mother's day is coming, what gift will u send ur mom? ^^ today let us together know about mom's favorite. 

1.Beautiful  Flowers
Everyone knows women love flowers, whatever the date, wedding or other important festivals, u can see many beautiful flowers. sending her flowers, she must be surprised.  
2. Gorgeous Shoes
to cautious men, they found women liked buying shoes. yes, no reason why women like shoes. u may send a  pair of delicate shoes, which is economical and moving. 

3.Precious Jewelry
Beautiful design, bling, bling diamonds. mom loves them, but for own children, family, they pretend to dislike. 
send ur mom or lover jewelry, make them more prettier.  ^^


  1. yes, i love my mother very much, and my brother, my sister, my husband. and so on.

    1. @Sara u should be, too,haha...^^