Friday, 22 July 2011

Note five points when running, refuse the crus coarsen

Aerobic exercises to lose weight are not new, while running become the most popular aerobic exercise. However, many people do not dare to try this very healthy exercise to lose weight for worried that running will make the calf become burlier, Today I will bring you out of the traditional running errors, tell you how to avoid calf become thick when running !

The truth 1: Warming up before run
Everyone knows that before exercises should warm up, especially before running, it is important for legs to stretch. Only warm-up fully, and stretched enough then your calf cannot become burlier when you running

The truth 2: Landing in right way
Many runners land with forefoot, that easy to run, but it is not good for beauty whose legs are thick. The correct way to avoid the calf thicker is land with heel, then whole foot touch the ground.

The truth 3: Aerobic exercise
The real time for burning fat is in the last 30 minutes after began to do exercise, so the jogging should to adhere half an hour or more. Note that, don't mistake that the more violent doing sports, the better effect will be, don't just focus on the quantity of heat each time it burnt . General jogging should control in 6 to 8 km/hr which is very appropriate, once the strength speeds up, the quantity of heat that using up really increased, but it will bring burden on the legs and knees, muscle will accelerate growth.

The truth 4: Crus tensile
After the exercise,stretching crus is vital important. Here i'd like to tell you an easy way to stretch crus. you should stand in front of the wall about an are wide,then put your hands on the wall for support,the body and the metope should be 30 degrees. Insist on five minutes, and feel that calf muscle is unlimited stretch, you can adjust according to your flexibility of body .

The truth 5: Dip the legs in hot water
Don't just think it's finished after stretching your crus , there's one more step, that is? After running you should dip your legs in hot water. You can buy a barrel, soaking your legs ,and listen to the music, fully promote the blood circulation of the lower legs.

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