Friday, 22 July 2011

Europe 2011 new swimsuit: sexy but not in the nude

Many people have a crash on Japanese and Korean lovely style suit, so as to Europe sexy style. However, bikini is not the only voice of sexy swimsuit. Special design swimsuit, sexy but not in the nude, must be shy girls’ best choice! ~
Red Bustier swimsuit, special double layers of lotus leaves design will make your breast fleshier while the open design around the waist will make you much sexier.

The bikini visual effect design on the back impresses people so much.

Super deep V down to the navel is so charming and attractive with simple and elegant black line flower sketch.

Unique strap links all cutouts together, which is like a butterfly flying from the thigh to the breast. It’s really special design. (*^__^*)

Pure white swimsuit with deep V design in front and double golden circle linking to seven straps on the back totally show your feminine sexy and charming S-line.

One strap links the bikini suit to a sexy swimsuit. It’s so creative. In addition, the golden bustier shows your nobility and the big cutout in the middle is much bold.

Three pieces swimsuit with open design will perfectly show the S-line of your breast and waist. And the golden chain print design is simple but stylistic.

Shining yellow combined perfectly with silent black. The small deep V in front shows your feminine charm. It won’t be too sexy~~~ so you can totally have a big try!

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